Sunday, December 28, 2008

::::QC Designs:::: Love/Hate Knuckle Rings

::::QC Designs:::: Love/Hate Knuckle Rings
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

Available now at my shop @ Paris New York Sim HERE
And at my shop @ Juicy Sim HERE
And on XLstreet

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fashion Forward into 2009 with GW

I am often asked about my keen fashion sense. In fact, there isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't say to me, "Queen, that is quite an outfit you have on! How did you manage to pull that together?" I suppose one might even say I'm known for my willingness to push the limits of style. But I can't do it alone. I depend on the aide of others to help keep me fashion forward.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with GW Raymaker to discuss the future of style in SL. He's an amazing DJ, an intrepid explorer, The Underground's Mr. 100, and a sexy adorable Italian stallion. I spent some time with him discussing Nietzsche, and the drinking habits of cats. Eventually the conversation moved to what he felt we could look forward to in 2009.

GW explained that this upcoming season we can expect to see boys as the hot new trend. Everyone should have at least one at their side, underneath, on top. Boys are the must have of 2009.

Calling cards are IN. We'll no longer be adding new friends to our list but rather we'll pass calling cards as a means to keep in touch.

Gestures are OUT. The squeaky name gestures are OUT. The hot and fresh newness for 2009 will be voice and sounds. Plenty of sounds. The most fashion forward stylies will seek out sounds ripped from the conversation of others in voice. HOT HOT HOT!

I asked GW what he saw as the coming style for men. He replied with no hesitation, "For men, stockings and shorts." Then he added, "All naked with stockings, and little cocks. Big cocks are out. Monster cocks are out of fashion." (Note to my boys: feel free to buck the trend on this one.)

He continued by declaring, "no neko, vampires, or slave masters." When I questioned him further on the topic, GW did note that, "Furries are in, I think they are very cute. Foxes, and wolves. But no animal sex."

I was surprised at his declaration that, "Gay is out." I mean, after all, one of the things he and I have in common is our love of men. Fortunately, although gay is out he continued by explaining that men having sex with men is IN. As is women having sex with women.

As for women's style, GW said a woman can wear anything that she wants. He also mentioned that baby clothes (children's clothes) very sexy, but that age play is OUT.

I hope that by sharing GW's insight with all of you that you'll be better prepared to meet 2009 with fashion in hand. If anyone needs me I'll be stocking up on boys and socks and making a list of the cutest furries I know!

"Stockings and shorts, very important." - GW Raymaker
Interview with GW Raymaker

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Season's Greetings from Queen Coronet
I'm wishing wonderful things for everyone this holiday season and for the coming year!! I've tallied up my blessings and they outweigh the yuck stuff so I'm doing alright. And FYI, you, YES...YOU, have made this a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to many more years of exploring brave new worlds, meeting amazing new people and developing relationships with the special people in my lives. Love, hugs, licks and kisses!! ~~ Queenie

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peeking into your SL Past - Blogger/Plurker challenge

QC and DulceRebeca_003

This was me. One year ago today. Fascinating. What do I see when I look at this picture? A few things....
This was taken at Breezer's place when I was still participating in the Treasure Quest Hunts. It was a lot of fun, good exposure for my shop and I met some good people. But it was also an experience that reminded me that SL can have some "bad players" and so I moved on.
I also note that in this picture I was well accessorized. I guess I've been prim whoring for awhile now. And me loves it!
*deep sighs* The most significant image in this picture is my good friend, Dulcerebeca. For a long time she was always at my side. She was my companion, my helper, my dearest friend. What you can't see in this picture is the pain I was feeling at the time because of an SL relationship gone horribly wrong. Dulce was there to get me through the days. She was always there for me. We had wonderful fun together. She taught me to laugh in a foreign language. jajajajaja!!

She had some RL losses that she was coping with. I did my best to be there for her while she worked through them. Eventually she met a man in SL and she became consumed by him, and the drama that the relationship brought with it. Unfortunately she found pain and heartache in SL which gave her no relief from the pain and heartache of RL. Currently she's coping with RL and I hope that she can find a way to heal after the losses she's endured.

A year later, if you scroll through my flickr stream you'll notice that eventually she slowly fades from that place beside me. However, you'll also notice others that have come and gone through my SLife. While I may not be with them now, and sometimes I take a few names in vain, I have been lucky to know each of these people. I try my best to learn everyday and to take lessons from the interactions I have even the bad ones.

And now for the challenge:
Find a picture of yourself from one year ago. Post it to your blog, your flickr, your plurk, and share with us your thoughts and reflections. Please post a link here to guide readers to you. (dont worry about opening the floodgates. *looks around at her 3 readers and thinks there's plenty of holiday punch for this party)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Underground Club Crawl and Open Courts

Last week The Underground presented it's very first Club Crawl. In fact, I'm going to proclaim that it was SL's very first Club Crawl. In my two years I've never experienced anything like it, I don't think anyone has. The concept was to bring the music community together for an all day event, 10 hours, 10 clubs, 10 DJs. And it worked magnificently!! I want to be sure to thank my co-conspirator, Briddy, for working hard to make this happen. And big thanks to all the club owners and DJs for believing in the concept enough to dedicate their day to The Club Crawl. And super huggy licky thank you to everyone that came along to participate in the madness. We're all ready planning Club Crawl 2 - Electric Boogaloo so be sure to keep your eye on this space OR IM me or Bridgitte Boucher for an invite to The Underground!
The UG Club Crawl at The Airship(p.s. Next time can someone tell me I didn't have panties on? I think i lost them in the 3rd hour and surprisingly no one mentioned it to me. nice. real nice.)

Oh wait! There's more! Yesterday was Sunday = Fun Day. I opened up The UG Courts for a quick pick up game between DJs. And it was funtastic! DJ Xavi Bandler vs. DJ Dane Palianta followed by DJ PlusMinus vs. DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher!! Two hours of music, 4 different sounds, avies running amok! Once again a unique party experienced offered up by The Underground. Again, big thanks to the DJs for bringing the tunes and huge thank you to the crowds for embracing the fun!!
The UG Courts; DJ Xavi vs. DJ Dane
Check out The UG Flickr Stream here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I forgot my Friday night!

I rolled into SL tonight dead set on a glorious pity party. Had planned to indulge in an all night festival of loneliness including bouts melancholy and finishing of with a plummet into a deep funk. I blame it on the moon. It's huge tonight. Well, that and this week compelled me to think deep RL. In fact, I'm so distracted by my thoughts that I even forgot it was Friday night. What?! How does that happen? Dunno. As it turns out I'm gonna have to put this bender on hold cuz i got the best friends ev-ah!

Oh, and here they are now! Briddy on a poke attack. See, she downed Init and Thrill in one go. And Solange sexing it up at Subterra (lovely establishment) DJ Evermore on tunes. Seismo the sweetest cyborg i know. I even had a few miscellaneous IMs popping in to check on me. How did they know I needed a check up!?
Why am I writing this? Because....I know some of my friends will read this and when they do I hope they will realize how much I appreciated and enjoy them. And to encourage everyone to cherish the peope around them, keep good friends, enjoy 2ndlife, and enjoy the people you share your 2ndLife with. I'm gonna post this now so i can get back to running between mad gesturing and afk to make hot tea. Err.....ummm....I mean to double shots of whiskey.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Underground Presents...The Club Crawl!!!

On Sunday, December 7, 2008, The Underground presents . . . Club Crawl!
10 Clubs, 10 DJs, 10 Hours of continuous partying to celebrate the music scene in unity!!

9 am SLT - beachclub = DJ Renanyoy Oh
10 am SLT - Enigma = DJ Silus Kappler
11 am SLT - HOUSE DIVAZ = DJ GaryN Ansome
12 pm SLT - FAC = DJ GW Raymaker
1 pm SLT - .: :. = DJ Ace8 Clip
2 pm SLT - Stupic Qpit = DJ Asrael Hax
3 pm SLT - The Airship = DJ Evermore Noel
4 pm SLT - Sintetika = DJ Luisinho Rossini
5 pm SLT - Club Haze = DJ Jasminx Saenz
6 pm SLT - HOME = 2ndthoughts Brando

LMs available here

Contact Bridgitte Boucher or Queen Coronet if:
- you need more information
- you get lost and need a TP
The Club Crawl Flyer for 120708

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Underground - It's about the music

Sometime in recent history Briddy Boucher (pronounced boo-shay) and meh-self decided that we needed to take over the world. Wait. I mean we needed a little organization to help our efforts for world domination. Wait. I mean that we had to find some way to corral the madness of what we do and bring it to the people.

It's not just about what I'm doing. Or the work that Briddy does (and yes, when she's not busy eating she does work.) It's about the people we do it with. We wanted a place to bring everyone together to join in the fun, to celebrate the inane, and to gesturbate at will.

And thus The Underground was born. The group charter of The Underground says it best:
It's about the music. We spend our days and nights enjoying good tunes with good friends. We do it where you might not expect but it always feels so good!

On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 7 p.m. we celebrate our 100th member, GW Raymaker aka Mr. 100. NOTE: It's really not so much about having 100 members but rather a great excuse to give out a sausage cart, a TRUTH gift certificate, get GW in tight shorts, and to pah-tay like it's November 26Th!! woot!!
The Underground celebrates Mr. 100, Nov 26th, 7pm
For a good time IM Queen Coronet or Bridgitte Boucher!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank you, friends!

Last night I enjoyed the great pleasure of celebrating my 2nd rezzday with an incredible group of people. Thank you Bridgitte Boucher for putting it all together.  You're a great friend and I'm blessed to have you in my lives. Thank you to all my friends that came to wish me a happy rezzday and for the fanstatic pressies you bestowed upon me.  Your presence made me feel loved and appreciated.  *smiles with warm thoughts* Thank you Snowkitty and Genki for your amazing tunes. You helped to make this a memorable night. 
If I could have one thing for my rezzday it would  be more time to get to know the people around me.  Behind the avatar you are all incredible in your own way and I'm happy you've touched my life. 

Pretty Briddy:
I have friends:
See more great piccies of the party here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Queen's Musings - from funk to funky

Yesterday I was in a funk. It wasn’t good at all. The kind of funk that makes me want to hide away on a platform and torture prims where eventually I tire of their tiny screams and venture forth to collect the weeks freebies or cruise free sex sims for a noob boyfriend. Instead I chose to relax in my melon cooler, listen to some blues and diddle with Twain. In photoshop! Geez, git your mind out of the gutter.

Ding ding!! IM came in from Genki Dreamscape: Queen, wanna come here my set? Yes, tp please. And so I trudged off to the local furry club to mope around while I listened to Genki’s beats. OK, listen….NOBODY can mope when Genki’s on the desk. (it’s a joke, just laugh and keep reading.) To fit in better I transformed into Queenie the Cabbit, she’s so cute!! We had a slow start, he played the most amazing 11 minutes of his life and no one was there to hear it cuz the darn stream wasn’t in right. NOTE: I’ve come a long way in my music learning. I know this now cuz as I was listening in I thought, “this ain’t electro. And it ain’t speed garage.” So I says to Genki, “Genki, is it in yet?”

BOOM!! There’s the tunes I was in search of!!! From the moment his sounds hit my ears things started to change. As I waited for my attachments to load I sent out a few notices and tp’d in a few people. This was something that I HAD to share. HAD to.

Remember the funk I was in? Within moments of a few friends arriving the cloud had lifted and suddenly I was again at peace with the world of SL. Old friends, new friends, happy friends, even a sad one in the midst of it all…we were there together and enjoying the moment. Privately we all giggled as our HOOOOOOOS!!! and RRUUUUUUBGAS!!! caused a stir among the security staff; Vinnie and Bella earned the UG Hot Messes of the Day Award in recognition of their out of control accessorization; and I took a little time to reconnect with a very sweet friend.

At the end of Genki’s set I grabbed dear Mr. Ribe Oh and dragged him along to CodeBastard’s Rouge shops to pick up a freebie couples pose set. (ty Codie!) I pinned Ribe down and snapped a few pics, blogged, flickr’d and plurked, picked up a new friend in the frenzy (waves to CT!!), got mooned by Veyron, AND at the end of it all ushered in my 2nd rezzday nestled between two of the mostloving peoples I know, Codie and Gabby.

And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
– The Beatles.
Thank you, everyone. I think I’m gonna be ok.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy - Queens Very good bath

All baths should bring one this much pleasure, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take me to your leader (Warning - Links ahead)

My gosh, it's been forever since I've posted. Where have I been!?! Oh oh oh, I know! I've been taking the break I've needed for a long time. And what do I do when I break? I dunno. But I did manage to snap some pictures so I picked one filled with goodies to share. In my off time I like to explore SL to discover the wonderful things my fellow residents have created.

The picture above was taken at Wandering Spirits. Along with a small 50's themed urbarn grunge city the sim features Kali Mead's Neat Tricks Gallery and a really well done SL photography tutorial. (Note: The gallery is turning one and Kali is celebrating with a photo competition and music festival. Look here for more info.)

You might wonder who that cute little alien is in the picture. It's me!! If you know me well you know that I'm a whore for freebies. Some might say just a whore, but that's a different post. Thanks to Serenity Semple at Lucky Kitty Crew I was alerted to this super cute cyber bot avie available for $0L at Cyberbunker. It has a script to change the color of the suit and the glow. In addition even though it's a smaller avie my regular AO and dance animations work just fine with it. So much fun!! (see pic below for close up.)

Finally, check out the sky in the above pic, so Rouge! CodeBastard Redgrave recently released some Windlight settings for her Rouge Sim and they are available here on her blog. They were created to complement her sim, but I couldn't resist trying them out elsewhere.

One more piccy for fun:

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mainland Fun!!

Fascinating. Long time ago I was cruising through a sim. I think I was probably following up a lead on a freebie or something. Uusually when I stop in for a freebie I try to take a look around at the neighboring parcels to see what people are up to. I came across a little parcel called The Gutter: Punk Rock Ghetto. It's a little block long ghetto that leaves a person feeling dirty and violated. So yeah, I couldn't help but to like it enough to remember it and return a few times.

But listen, this is the part that compelled me to write today....I was looking around at my parcel, the sim, and the surrounding sims this morning. I noticed some water to the West and went to check it out and...there, ONLY 2 SIMS AWAY FROM ME....The Gutter: Punk Rock Ghetto.!!!!! Amazing!! Just another reminder to me as to why I like mainland cuz i love to take walks through sims, and just looky at what I can find soooo close to home!!!

Pose: [LAP] Guns Blazing
Shoe: Juicy Slingbacks Tangering
Dress: Ingenue: Polka Love Halloweenie Freebie!
Bloody knees with bandaids: QC Designs, my shoppy at Paris New York Sim

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom - To each his own

A few weeks ago I was running amok playing with Four Yip's creations at her gallery at KMADD.  I was dressed up in one of the costumes she had put out and was taking glorious piccies.  
For a reason I now cannot recall I tp'd back to the gallery...oh yes, for the SLURL!!...and I came across Rawly Rousselot who writes for SL InWorld Today.  We struck up conversation about Four Yip. He had never seen her creations.  And then we talked about KMADD.  I knew nothing of it.  He filled me in on the wondrous world of KMADD society and I entertained him with a show of Yip costumes.  He's a blogger and dropped a hint about his column and sure enough the next day, there I was in SL InWorld Today, stuck in a pose an dressed in nothing but panties and a tiny sweater.  Figures, nearly naked.  Again.

As I read the article I began to reflect on the community of people represented in SL InWorld Today.  What caught my eye is a very swanky event planning operation and I couldn't help but to think how shiny and pretty the organization looks. 
Then my mind switches to thoughts of the work I do with Bridgitte Boucher to put on events.  While we are always professionals in what we do there is a certain down and dirty feeling that I get when our happenings come together.  Often they are raw and organic. Upon reflection I conclude that I love the thought of how amazing our events turn out. 
But then for a fleeting moment I wondered what it would be like to work within the shininess of this other group.  The thought left more quickly than it came because I think what we do is wonderful and I love the means as much as the end.

Stepping back to contemplate I look around and see that within the SL world there is a spectrum for every facet of the community.  We all choose to operate in different ways and naturally our efforts elicit different results.  However, whether we have the shine or not, the important part is that we're here doing it, making it happen.  And when we can find satisfaction in the things we do in SL we should celebrate the achievement.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct. 23

On Thursdays we celebrate the coming of the weekend at Digital Nation HQ. This week Thrill McMillan hosts this fabulous event featuring the hotness that is DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher and Snowkitty "Sweetness" Schmooz!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy: QC Forgetting

Try this, looks better when you View On Black.
Photo taken at Templum Ex Obscurum, an amazing place for pictures, setting the mood, contemplating the meaning of SLife.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salina Beach Fashion Show/Grand opening/Pah-tay!!

It is my humble opinion that I clean up well. What you think? I'm fancied up today cuz in about 30 minutes the Salina Beach Fashion show kicks off the Grand Opening of this fabulous shopping sim!!! The show will be followed by mingling at the Salina Beach Club to the tunes of DJ Jasminx Saenz and DJ Asreal Hax.
Put on your Saturday's finest and come join us! Better yet, come by new threads at one of these great shops:Decoy, *Alchemy*, ICING, Aphrodite Creations, Ornamental Life, Punch Drunk. Boutique de Liberté mainstore, Somapop...wowza....and then come join us!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct 16

On Thursdays we celebrate the coming of the weekend at Digital Nation HQ. This week features a very special New York City edition with DJs Jasminx Saenz and Digital Francis!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Portrait of a DJ - Elisha Richez

DJ Elisha Richez, long time rave DJ, owner of Rave Island and !!Sikk Designz!!

QC: What style of music do you play?
ER: I specialize in anything techno , but my love at the moment is the new generation of hard techno/schranz
QC: Why do you DJ or, what motivates you?
ER: I dj because i am a musician. I also play electric guitar.
QC: When you aren't DJing what do you like do in SL?
ER: hmm...lemme think about that one lmao
QC: *giggles*
ER: I like to stab people with my fist o doom and help out in the community as much as i possibly can.
QC: *nods
QC: Where can you be found playing?
ER: hmmm.....i am 28 out of seattle RL and can be found anywhere in the world in the SL rave community.
QC: Anything else you want the world to know?
ER: The scene is what you make it so lets stop being selfish and give your neighbor a hand and build the scene up again.
QC: awesome, thankies!!
Elisha Richez: welcome : )

Boudoir Rouge Pose Set 2 - Seduction - Anticipation available at Rouge.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct 2

It's time to celebrate!! Friday is so close and the weekend is on the way!!! Tonight: DJ Thinker Moy 6-8pm SLT AND Digital's having crazy fun with the Thinker Moy theme, ya gotta stop by Digital Nation HQ at least to check the place out! kewt!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kinky Insta-party @ Digital Nation

It all started when Digital moved the bar at Digital Nation HQ. What do we do with the extra space, Queenie Pie? I mulled it over for a few minutes and thought I'd put up a few walls just to gauge the space. And then a little voice said, "this rooms needs a dance pole." "Right," I answered and continued my work until eventually I had a cozy little strip joint which I will henceforth refer to as my office. Naturally when one has an office there must be meetings, so I convened a meeting at Digital Nation HQ.

First to arrive was Thrill McMillan, Chairman of The Gangbang Committee.  Here we are taking a few minutes to pose for a photo-op.

Shortly thereafter Tammie Slade, Director of the "I'll try anything once" Division, dropped in to try out the poles. Errr...umm...the dance poles.  Solange Daviau , Fashion Advisor to DN, did a wonderful demonstration of latex quick change as well as a workshop on "backing that thang up".  Kandy Rousell acted as Seargant at Arms with her delightful He-manesque flower power (ask her to show you.  It's adorable.)  Bridgitte "The Diva" Boucher, my Entertainment Co-Chair, wasn't there more than a few minutes before she was stripped down to a teeny bra and panties and tickling the Board of Directors with her feathers.  Yes, the entire Board!! That girl got game!  And of course Digital Francis, DJ as well as Administrator of Kink, was present to demonstrate the proper way to bite down on a badonkadonk.

It wasn't long before several more people arrived including DJ Init Hubble.  He started by sexing up the joint in his long flowing cape, bag over his head and loin cloth.  That man really knows how to work the ladies!  He had an itch to spin so we cranked up the tunes and got it on at DNHQ!!  During the next few hours in my office we debated the benefits of the hard gay hooooooo!!, tested the new furniture for durability, and vigorously advocated our positions on life after crash.  

There's something so joyous about an insta-party.  I love when an event transforms organically from a small gathering of friends in their undies to a life size event with a nearly full sim.  At it's peak the place was a hot mess of avies, with pixels flying in every direction and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I love Digital so much cuz he indulges me when it comes to this sort of insanity, and i love my friends for taking the ride with me.  AND, i love the new friends we meet along the way that aren't afraid to jump in and share a few of their nuts with us.  N V T S, nuts!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy: Queenie worn

CodeBastard Redgrave has commissioned the creation of some wonderful sets of poses for her Boudoir Rouge series.  She was kind enough to share them with me so here's my first go at using the pose for a portrait, edited in Photoshop.   This pose is "Ravaged" from the Boudoir Rouge Poseset 2 and is available at Rouge

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Sept 25

Thursday nights at Digital Nation HQ we celebrate the coming of the weekend.  Can you feel it? Sooooo close. Tonight's line up:
DJ Evermore "Sweetness"  Noel - 6-8pm (deep house, wait, prog-house? darnit, just come, awesome DJ)
DJ Elisha "Hawt Mutha Fucka" Richez - 8-10pm (techno)
Almost There @ Digital Nation HQ, Sept. 25

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kandy's Steampunk Airship Extravaganza!!

In my spare time I work with Bridgitte Boucher a.k.a. P Briddy to organize and host events, things, happenings.  So, when our good friend Kandy "The Steampunk Doll" Rousell was ready to open her Steampunk Air Ship to the masses we were happy to help.  I love a good party. I love it more when it's on a dirigible!!

One of the great aspects of SL is the opportunity to explore our imaginations and stretch our creative skills.  For example, parties give me an opportunity to play in Photoshop.  heeeeee!  I once had an art teacher that was always after me to push the levels.  Huh? One of the joys of exploring Photoshop is how easily I can slide the scales, push the buttons, tears things apart and put them back if needed all in the name of pushing my levels.  I did that for the invite i created for the party and I'm thinking it turned out ok.  Here it is:
steamship party invite
Check out this little crowned bee in the corner!! When you see this logo you'll know this event was orchestrated by QC (that's me) and the Bee (Bridgitte Boucher) in our everlasting endeavor to bring the party to the people. 

And here she is now . . .
DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher KILLED IT!!! And she did it all while looking like a Steampunk fox!!! 
UPDATE: Briddy shares her MIX here!!!!
DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher

DJ Jasminx Saenz (House Divaz) dug it up and killed it again!! And lookin' fine while she did it!
DJ Jasminx Saenz @ Steampunk Airship Party

Ohhh, who's this hottie? Oh! It's me!! During the after party I wandered around looking for trouble and found this nice lil' pole for  Shame though, I couldn't even give a lap dance away!! What the heck? Maybe it was the hat?
qc on the dirigible pole

Monday, September 15, 2008

MaXimus MiXers celebrate Joa and Anoushka's wedding!!

This weekend Digital Nation celebrated the marriage of their own Joachimmsz Beck and his lovely girl, anoushka Klaar.  The couple had a lovely ceremony at a little wedding themed sim in the sky, followed by dancing and picture taking. 

The wedding reception was held at Digital Nation, and let me assure you it was THE event to be at. Friday night Digital and I stayed up decorating Digital Nation HQ, complete with tent, tables, flowers, candles, it was absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful surprise for the bride and groom as well as their guests.  Here's one of the many reasons I love Digi, he has a great enthusiasm for creating an experience.  

Digital Nation's MaXimus MiXer DJs Andy Seiling, Luisinho Rossini, Joa (the groom) and Digital Francis delivered some of their most amazing sets ever!!!! We celebrated into the night as the boys mixed some of the freshest most inventive sounds in SL.  Oh oh OHHH!! Then, just when things were wrapping up an inspired Andy took to the decks for one more go at an after party set...but wait! there's more....riding the high of the day, Digital followed up with an after the after party set to close out the night!!

Here's a pic of a few of the boys waiting to be told where to go: (I love the men in their suits, so handsome!!!)
luis axwell joa djmuekas @ joa anou wedding
Luis, Axwell, Joa, DjMuekas

And this is me, stealing a dance with my impromptu date and founder of Electronic Music Informer, Wandolf Rau . . . 
qc and wandolf rau @ joa ano wedding
Wandolf, Queen

Congrats Joa and Anoushka!!! Wishing you many many wonderful memories together!!

Note: This post is not intended as an endorsement of SL weddings.  In fact, they give me the heebie jeebies.  I spend most of my time fighting the lag and avoiding the bouquet toss.  On the upside it's an opportunity to go trolling for hot single men.  In the end, I like to support my friends so, if i have to put on the fancy clothes and be proper for a few hours I can do that.  Just don't ask me not to squirm when they start flowing with the mushy vows.  eeeps!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hater Poles, who's on yours?

I was doing my Tuesday night stalking of DJ Grip Talon @ Club Dorian Gray when his sissy Elisha Richez dropped down and kicked me in the ass.  She'd sent me a sweet gift earlier in the day but I hadn't yet had a chance to check it out.  (good thing too, cuz apparently it's to be rezzed, not worn)  She was good enough to rez a copy of it there on the dance floor.

Yep, that's it...her Hater's glorious!! Four severed bloody heads lined up on a pole.  What you can't see is that each one has it's own little tag so the world know exactly who dear Elisha has pegged for a hater.  I love it, she's an inspiration...she's not afraid to speak her mind.  She's all about the fun and good times and completely real.   And she puts her building skills to good use...binkies, headphones, hater poles...

So, I guess the question I have for you is, do you have a list of haters? And if so, do you have it in you to cut off their heads and impale the remnants on a stick?

Elisha and her hater pole

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy: Queenie asks, "PlusMinus....please?"

Queenie asks, "PlusMinus....please?"
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

*giggles wildly* I got this pose from Juicy awhile back and tricked Plus into getting on my blue ball for a pic. It's cute, huh?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Queenie's 14 hour music-a-thon!!

Yesterday I woke up determined to get things done.  It was Labor Day in the U.S. so I had one extra day off of work.  My plan was to conquer the vendor for my shop, add a few things to the SLexchange box, and then relax awhile before logging into RL.  But I wasn't content to listen to canned music so I had the bright idea to ask a few DJs if they would be available to spin for me and a friend while we puttered about in SL.  And so it began.....

DJ Luigy aka Luigy Balhaus came over to start the day.  He's one of my very first DJ friends in SL and has always been a sweetheart to me.  Luigy brought along some brand new tunes and worked them over while he prepared a set for a radio broadcast this weekend.  Three of us listened in.  Thrill passed out on the couch (where he'd spend most of the next 14 hours), Tahra shaking her thang, and me pushing around prims and vendors.  Eventually wonderful things come to an end and Luigy had to leave to take care of his own things.  I sent the word out and a few minutes later DJ Parsifal Beck dropped in.

Parsi's set was magnificent.  I was so happy to finally hear a full set as I'm usually coming in just as he finishes up so this was a real treat!!  During his set a few more people started to trickle in and by the time he was done my little piece of SL had developed a steady flow of people and DJs including DJ Renanyoy Oh, DJ MartFader Schwager, DJSVEN Newman, DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher and to close out the night, DJ Goodes Bade.

Although I didn't get done what I needed to I had a fantastic time and I'm pretty sure my guests enjoyed as well. And I admit, here is something so delicious about standing on the rooftop of my muni-building listening to an awesome DJ while watching the guests mingle.  I'm pretty sure we got the sim bouncing so hard that we nearly knocked the giant sculpty earth off it's axis!!!

mmmm, boxes.
not weird enough  yet @ my place

Monday, September 1, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation

On Thursday night I organized and hosted the first of many Thursday night celebrations @ Digital Nation.  I'm a Westie (West Coast USA) and forever putting my other SL friends to bed as I'm searching for some musical treats.  It was only natural that I'd succumb to my needs and create my own buffet of sounds, and what a better place than my home away from home, Digital Nation.
As fortune would have it I was in the midst of a stalking session with DJ Grip Talon when I decided I needed a DJ. [Note to Grip: Please trim the bushes below your bedroom window, they are getting a bit thorny] He quickly gave into my charms and agreed to play the very first Almost There Party.  I'm so glad he did because he delivered a wild set filled with mad beats and he kept the crowd captivated!! Keep your Thursday SL nights open, more fun to come!  

Here's a copy of the flyer I put loves it!
Almost There Flyer 08/28

DJ Grip's sister, DJ Elisha Richez nomming on some watermelon. I'm still stepping on watermelon seeds.  I'm hoping if I'm real sweet she'll come play too.  Love her!!
DJ Elisha Richez...nahm nahm

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom - It ain't my business... IT IS NOW!!

I recently wrote a post in which I shared my thoughts on our responsibilities to others in the world of Second Life.  After I wrote the piece I understood that the problem between AvieA and AvieB had subsided.  However, it is my sad duty to report that not only has the issue that inspired the previous post not died down, but rather it is festering and infecting the lives of others in the community.

I was a witness to the problem first hand two nights ago and I'm still working through my head how to cope with this situation.  Initially I was LIVID. Adrenaline rush kinda LIVID. Friends and I (including AvieA) were having a great time at a party when AvieB tp'd in and laid out some heavy handed bullying techniques which brought the fun to a screeching halt.  I was nuts out of my mind that someone could do that, it was ridiculous! Really, it was the most insane thing I've seen someone do for.....I don't know....forever!!  I quickly removed myself from the situation to avoid taking rash action and thus lowering myself to AvieB's level.  But I haven't stopped thinking about what happened.  It was too bizarre!  Here I had finally had an opportunity to see something that up until now had been hearsay.

I've considered whether to include the details above in writing this post because I don't want to fuel this insanity. But I decided at least this part of the story is necessary to give insight as to how deeply this has all affected me.  

You might wonder why I'm spending so much time thinking about this.  Why do I really care? I'd say see my previous post.  But also, when I see this happening I see a failure of humanity and it makes me sad.  I can't wrap my mind around AvieB's behavior.  I can't fathom why months later she is still continuing with this issue instead of dropping it and moving on. I've even tried to consider her side of the story. But I still don't understand what would compel her to be aggressive and take affirmative steps to bring another person down as I witnessed the other night. I will probably never understand.

At times like this I step out of Queen's brain into my RL person because SL can sometimes be a tricky and deceitful little bastard.  I try to get some perspective by looking through the RL lens. Here, AvieA and AvieB, two RL people, are sitting at their keyboards and operating avatars as if they're reading off of an old Days of Our Lives script.  But the problem is, at least from what I perceive, at least one of them is not having fun doing it.  

What's going on in AvieB's RL life, mind, soul that she delights in her around the world power trip? I've seen RL pictures of AvieB because she's made them public. I've looked into a picture of her RL eyes as she poses with a RL friend.  She looks like a happy attractive person with friends and activities to fulfill her life.  I can't imagine what is so horrible in a person's RL that they have to come into Second Life and act the way they do.  I rarely find answers when I wonder. And here instead, I found compassion for the person behind AvieB.  My heart goes out to the RL person who needs to live in a persona whose existence seems to depend on wielding superficial powers that result in another's misery.  

This was a hard post to write.   I hesitated to write it because I'm not interested in engaging with either AvieA or AvieB to "take sides" and I fear there may be some backlash from this post. But I also know that whether we're in Second Life, or another social internet platform, there is a lesson to be learned from these people. I feel for both of these people because they are caught up in the nastier side of Second Life where people forget that there are humans behind the avie. Maybe, just maybe, they might read this and it might help.  If not them, then maybe it will help another by reminding them that even in a world of pixels the way we conduct ourselves affects the people around us.  

At times like this I am thankful for my RL and SL and the family, friends and love I have in both RL and SL that have helped me to develop the strength and thoughtfulness to be mindful of others and to never have to bring another person down in order to boost myself up.

Finally, Second Life is a place to be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do.  In the immortal words of Viv Savage, "Have... a good time... all the time."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A change is in the air.

I know I'm not the only one that feels it.  The end of summer and the beginning of the school year has always signified change.  But I've noticed this week in SL that change is coming.  Actually, it's here.  The world of SL is always evolving, friends come and go, buildings go up and then disappear over night.  These events are usually just a part of life, but sometimes things shift so drastically that one can't help but notice and be forced to react.  

It may have started when my very good friend, Digital Francis, left for a 3 week vacation.  I missed him before he left.  And each day I miss seeing him online, but at least I'm comforted to know he'll return.  To the contrary there are others I don't think I'll see again.  I've finally come to accept that a couple of good friends have moved on to alts, and (cover your ears) to Real Life.   Meanwhile a few of my friends have entered into relationships, and while I'm happy for them this can also mean that they aren't in my SLife as much or they are there but different.  Then recently some friends have ended relationships, endured heartbreak, and severed ties with others, all of which affects my own interaction with them.

While some these events don't always impact me directly, they at least signify that SLife is different.  I'm averse to change.  It makes me uncomfortable.  So, when SL slaps me in the face with change I get a bit sad......ummm.......melancholy.  

I've found that, much like in RL, if I just make adjustments I can cope and often I can grow. I usually go back to the basics, back to what I enjoy most in SLife.  I'll play with my prims, explore random sims, and re-visit old friends.  I've also learned that this is the period where new friendships grow, and old friendships can be rekindled.  While there is an uneasiness about what the future holds I must embrace this moment as a learning experience and as a gateway to new adventures in my SLife.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy - queenc in polaroid

Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

I try to learn new things in photoshop. I try.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Zones @ Digital Nation

As a delegate of Digital Nation (and the Digital Nation Boss) I had the great pleasure to present Time Zones @ Digital Nation this past Sunday.  I could not have done it without the lovely Aurora Fairey who worked hard with me to put this together and bring the event to life.  And of course Digital Francis, a good friend and an inspiration. (love you, Digi)

During this 12 hour event the crowd was entertained by MaXimus MiXers DJs Luisinho Rossini, Joachimmsz Beck and Digital Francis as well as DJs Twain DeCosta, Init Hubble and and new rising star, DJane Snowkitty Schmooz.  These DJs are some of the best in SL,  and each delivered an unforgettable set.  They must have been doing something right because a few times the sim filled up and we couldn't pack anyone else in!  

I had a great time as well.  There were moments when, during all that was going on, I'd halt everything.  And listen.  All of my senses honed in on the music, my body and my mind become intensely focused on each beat.  Anticipation builds.  Then (this is my favorite part) the music hits me like a wave crashing against the shore.  Shivers runs through my body.  And there I am, stunned, amazed and needing more.  

Thank you Aurora, Digital, wonderful DJs and sexy guests.  I look forward to seeing you soon at future Digital Nation events!!

Gorgeous sexy girls, Aurora and Queenie:
Aurora and Queen as the sun come up on Digital Nation

Digital Nation Headquarters:
Times Zones @ Digital Nation
More piccies here.

Back to School @ Rouge Sim

On Saturday, classes were back in session at Rouge Lounge.  Naughty school-girls ran amok, giving wedgies, throwing erasers and molesting fellow students.  DJs Professor Nexeus Fatale and Miss Cyberpink were there to entertain us with some unforgettable music lessons.  And of course Headmistress Codie was present to administer swift punishments with her ruler.  And I'm sure she took some girls into detention for more...ummm.....disciplinary action.

Thank you to all of the students that arrived in a timely fashion.  To those that were tardy or played hookie completely, "I'm telling!!"  

Back to School @ Rouge Lounge
More piccies here.