Thursday, July 23, 2009

Better Homes and Queenie's Garden

My garden was chosen as the backdrop for this promotional picture for an upcoming release coming out August 15th! I'm so pleased to see that all that digging, pruning and watering has paid off. The amplified project was created and is operated by DJ Ampz aka DJAmpz Dinzel who also does a weekly radio show on (check this site for lots of great mixes to download!!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 2nd Rezday, winirose runo!!

Happy 2nd Rez-day, winirose!
Today one of my dearest friends, winirose Runo, celebrates her 2nd rezday. She's full of wisdom, love, and joy and I'm blessed to have her in my lives. In honor of her rezday I've marked several items in my shop to 0L. (click here for the slurl) Please feel free to invite friends over to share in the pressies. AND if you get a spare moment, drop winirose a rezday greeting. HAPPY 2ND REZDAY, WINIROSE!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portrait of a DJ - Bridgitte Boucher

DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher
QC: ok, ready for your interrogation?
BB: yep
QC: What style of music do you play?
BB: I enjoy playing a lot of different genres. Sometimes I enjoy mixing minimal and techno, tech house, other times I like to mix electro and indie dance....I always enjoy throwing in something unusual here and there...
BB: I love ska, punk rock, and of course, indie and roots in music
QC: Why do you DJ or, what motivates you?
BB: hmmm. Here's the poetic answer. I'm totally motivated by the beats and the sounds I can create with a mixer, and the way it moves people. Sound is amazing manipulator of the mind. But really, I wouldn't be doing all of this if it wasn't for Init. He saw it in me and pushed me to go for it. So really, I have him to thank.
QC: (wow, you both amaze me. did you know that?)
BB: oh i do? *wipes crumbs from mouth*
Bridgitte Boucher smiles
Queen Coronet sighs and moves on...
BB: lol
QC: When you aren't DJing what do you like do in SL?
BB: I love seeing new places in sl...the AM radio builds amaze me....the art sims always have amazing creations...and shopping of course...but mostly I like to hang with my friends and hear tunes.
BB: lol
BB: oh i said amazing twice...insert an appropriate adjective to replace amazing for me
QC: oooh, i don't like to edit. i prefer you in the raw.
BB: amazing!
BB: and of course, i'm partnered...i spend a lot of time with Ideal
QC: and i don't think that came out the way i intended. just make that your catch phrase. Amazing!
BB: Amazing! :D
QC: Where can you be found playing?
BB: I'm usually playing at Drain, Tir Na Gra, Nick Nack, Somewhere....random parties @ Rouge....the Naughty Box of course....and special events here and there.
QC: Anything else you want the world to know?
BB: I need to give props to Thinker Moy and Justine Perenti for giving me my first opportunities to spin in clubs here in sl, Alphabox and at HOME. I am in awe of the electronic music community that we are a part of here on sl, and the level of talent that is represented, so I am always humbly grateful for any opportunity to spin for any audience among such great djs. I appreciate all of my friends who have been so supportive and HOO at the right times during my sets. Lol. P.s. My panties are for sale in the lobby.
QC: You're great, B!! Thankies!!!

DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher mixes can be downloaded from Soundcloud,, and SL Bootlegs (itunes).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Rouge Sim

A year ago Codebastard Redgrave opened up the Rouge sim. Since then Rouge has blossomed into an amazing multi-purpose environment. Today we celebrated the anniversary with 12 hours of entertainment featuring DJs Asrael Hax, Amanda Shinji, Nexeus Fatale, Bridgitte Boucher, Adamatic Aeon and Fine Caliber. In addition the guests were treated to a special performance presented by Glamouramama Boa and her amazing group of SLag dancers with music by DJ xSaraho Mornington.
Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate and congratulations to Codie for one year of Rouge!!!!
Here's a couple of pics and you can find more here and here.
Codebastard Redgrave:
Codie!! - Queen Coronet
Gabby Panacek:
GAbby Panacek @ Rouge Sim's 1st bday! - Queen Coronet
The SLag Dancers:
The SLag Ladies @ Rouge - Queen Coronet

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gratuitous Piccy: Next month's GQ cover

Next month's GQ cover - Queen Coronet
mainit Hellman, owner of [BauStein] (pre-fabs, bridges, and more) in this season's MUST HAVE accessory, the birthday cake hat.