Sunday, December 28, 2008

::::QC Designs:::: Love/Hate Knuckle Rings

::::QC Designs:::: Love/Hate Knuckle Rings
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fashion Forward into 2009 with GW

I am often asked about my keen fashion sense. In fact, there isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't say to me, "Queen, that is quite an outfit you have on! How did you manage to pull that together?" I suppose one might even say I'm known for my willingness to push the limits of style. But I can't do it alone. I depend on the aide of others to help keep me fashion forward.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with GW Raymaker to discuss the future of style in SL. He's an amazing DJ, an intrepid explorer, The Underground's Mr. 100, and a sexy adorable Italian stallion. I spent some time with him discussing Nietzsche, and the drinking habits of cats. Eventually the conversation moved to what he felt we could look forward to in 2009.

GW explained that this upcoming season we can expect to see boys as the hot new trend. Everyone should have at least one at their side, underneath, on top. Boys are the must have of 2009.

Calling cards are IN. We'll no longer be adding new friends to our list but rather we'll pass calling cards as a means to keep in touch.

Gestures are OUT. The squeaky name gestures are OUT. The hot and fresh newness for 2009 will be voice and sounds. Plenty of sounds. The most fashion forward stylies will seek out sounds ripped from the conversation of others in voice. HOT HOT HOT!

I asked GW what he saw as the coming style for men. He replied with no hesitation, "For men, stockings and shorts." Then he added, "All naked with stockings, and little cocks. Big cocks are out. Monster cocks are out of fashion." (Note to my boys: feel free to buck the trend on this one.)

He continued by declaring, "no neko, vampires, or slave masters." When I questioned him further on the topic, GW did note that, "Furries are in, I think they are very cute. Foxes, and wolves. But no animal sex."

I was surprised at his declaration that, "Gay is out." I mean, after all, one of the things he and I have in common is our love of men. Fortunately, although gay is out he continued by explaining that men having sex with men is IN. As is women having sex with women.

As for women's style, GW said a woman can wear anything that she wants. He also mentioned that baby clothes (children's clothes) very sexy, but that age play is OUT.

I hope that by sharing GW's insight with all of you that you'll be better prepared to meet 2009 with fashion in hand. If anyone needs me I'll be stocking up on boys and socks and making a list of the cutest furries I know!

"Stockings and shorts, very important." - GW Raymaker
Interview with GW Raymaker

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Season's Greetings from Queen Coronet
I'm wishing wonderful things for everyone this holiday season and for the coming year!! I've tallied up my blessings and they outweigh the yuck stuff so I'm doing alright. And FYI, you, YES...YOU, have made this a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to many more years of exploring brave new worlds, meeting amazing new people and developing relationships with the special people in my lives. Love, hugs, licks and kisses!! ~~ Queenie

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peeking into your SL Past - Blogger/Plurker challenge

QC and DulceRebeca_003

This was me. One year ago today. Fascinating. What do I see when I look at this picture? A few things....
This was taken at Breezer's place when I was still participating in the Treasure Quest Hunts. It was a lot of fun, good exposure for my shop and I met some good people. But it was also an experience that reminded me that SL can have some "bad players" and so I moved on.
I also note that in this picture I was well accessorized. I guess I've been prim whoring for awhile now. And me loves it!
*deep sighs* The most significant image in this picture is my good friend, Dulcerebeca. For a long time she was always at my side. She was my companion, my helper, my dearest friend. What you can't see in this picture is the pain I was feeling at the time because of an SL relationship gone horribly wrong. Dulce was there to get me through the days. She was always there for me. We had wonderful fun together. She taught me to laugh in a foreign language. jajajajaja!!

She had some RL losses that she was coping with. I did my best to be there for her while she worked through them. Eventually she met a man in SL and she became consumed by him, and the drama that the relationship brought with it. Unfortunately she found pain and heartache in SL which gave her no relief from the pain and heartache of RL. Currently she's coping with RL and I hope that she can find a way to heal after the losses she's endured.

A year later, if you scroll through my flickr stream you'll notice that eventually she slowly fades from that place beside me. However, you'll also notice others that have come and gone through my SLife. While I may not be with them now, and sometimes I take a few names in vain, I have been lucky to know each of these people. I try my best to learn everyday and to take lessons from the interactions I have even the bad ones.

And now for the challenge:
Find a picture of yourself from one year ago. Post it to your blog, your flickr, your plurk, and share with us your thoughts and reflections. Please post a link here to guide readers to you. (dont worry about opening the floodgates. *looks around at her 3 readers and thinks there's plenty of holiday punch for this party)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Underground Club Crawl and Open Courts

Last week The Underground presented it's very first Club Crawl. In fact, I'm going to proclaim that it was SL's very first Club Crawl. In my two years I've never experienced anything like it, I don't think anyone has. The concept was to bring the music community together for an all day event, 10 hours, 10 clubs, 10 DJs. And it worked magnificently!! I want to be sure to thank my co-conspirator, Briddy, for working hard to make this happen. And big thanks to all the club owners and DJs for believing in the concept enough to dedicate their day to The Club Crawl. And super huggy licky thank you to everyone that came along to participate in the madness. We're all ready planning Club Crawl 2 - Electric Boogaloo so be sure to keep your eye on this space OR IM me or Bridgitte Boucher for an invite to The Underground!
The UG Club Crawl at The Airship(p.s. Next time can someone tell me I didn't have panties on? I think i lost them in the 3rd hour and surprisingly no one mentioned it to me. nice. real nice.)

Oh wait! There's more! Yesterday was Sunday = Fun Day. I opened up The UG Courts for a quick pick up game between DJs. And it was funtastic! DJ Xavi Bandler vs. DJ Dane Palianta followed by DJ PlusMinus vs. DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher!! Two hours of music, 4 different sounds, avies running amok! Once again a unique party experienced offered up by The Underground. Again, big thanks to the DJs for bringing the tunes and huge thank you to the crowds for embracing the fun!!
The UG Courts; DJ Xavi vs. DJ Dane
Check out The UG Flickr Stream here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I forgot my Friday night!

I rolled into SL tonight dead set on a glorious pity party. Had planned to indulge in an all night festival of loneliness including bouts melancholy and finishing of with a plummet into a deep funk. I blame it on the moon. It's huge tonight. Well, that and this week compelled me to think deep RL. In fact, I'm so distracted by my thoughts that I even forgot it was Friday night. What?! How does that happen? Dunno. As it turns out I'm gonna have to put this bender on hold cuz i got the best friends ev-ah!

Oh, and here they are now! Briddy on a poke attack. See, she downed Init and Thrill in one go. And Solange sexing it up at Subterra (lovely establishment) DJ Evermore on tunes. Seismo the sweetest cyborg i know. I even had a few miscellaneous IMs popping in to check on me. How did they know I needed a check up!?
Why am I writing this? Because....I know some of my friends will read this and when they do I hope they will realize how much I appreciated and enjoy them. And to encourage everyone to cherish the peope around them, keep good friends, enjoy 2ndlife, and enjoy the people you share your 2ndLife with. I'm gonna post this now so i can get back to running between mad gesturing and afk to make hot tea. Err.....ummm....I mean to double shots of whiskey.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Underground Presents...The Club Crawl!!!

On Sunday, December 7, 2008, The Underground presents . . . Club Crawl!
10 Clubs, 10 DJs, 10 Hours of continuous partying to celebrate the music scene in unity!!

9 am SLT - beachclub = DJ Renanyoy Oh
10 am SLT - Enigma = DJ Silus Kappler
11 am SLT - HOUSE DIVAZ = DJ GaryN Ansome
12 pm SLT - FAC = DJ GW Raymaker
1 pm SLT - .: :. = DJ Ace8 Clip
2 pm SLT - Stupic Qpit = DJ Asrael Hax
3 pm SLT - The Airship = DJ Evermore Noel
4 pm SLT - Sintetika = DJ Luisinho Rossini
5 pm SLT - Club Haze = DJ Jasminx Saenz
6 pm SLT - HOME = 2ndthoughts Brando

LMs available here

Contact Bridgitte Boucher or Queen Coronet if:
- you need more information
- you get lost and need a TP
The Club Crawl Flyer for 120708