Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adventures in SL: SPACE EXPLORERS!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

So last night I was minding my business...just puttering about in SL when I noticed in one of my groups some chat about a search for a moonbuggy.  I knew that the kitties of the Lucky Kitty Crew run by Serenity Semple were on a freebie hunt @ a space sim but had no idea that moonbuggies were involved!! I quickly strapped on my space gear, checked and double checked my anti-gravity animations and grabbed my good friend and amazing DJ, Treven Zabelin.  TO SPACE!!!

We landed at the Privateer Space sim at a docking station and thankfully you can get your own private space ship for exploring.  From there Treven lead the way as we flew around to the different planets.  We landed on Mars and got out to walk around, collect a few space rocks... poke our noses into crevasses. 

It was then that I saw out of the corner of my eye...a moonbuggy!! I quickly hollered out to the driver, Aley,  to inquire about the gorgeous little vehicle.  Aley motioned to me to hop on and off we went!  So there I was, riding the hood of the moonbuggy, and being guided into the depths of this amazing sim.  Suddenly it occurred to me that this Aley knew this place inside and out, in a way that only someone who has spent many hours, even days or months would know a place.  *smacks herself on the head* Duh!!! ALEY IS THE GENIUS  THAT OWNS AND DEVELOPED THE SIM!!! 

A few minutes later Treven joined us and he and I enjoyed a private tour of Privateers Space.  Aley has reall done a wonderful job on this place.  It's the only sim that has a fully functioning laundry room.  Every detail has been thought of, textures, shapes, sounds, and even designed to accommodate the everyday pc user.  Amazing!

Once in awhile something will happen.... a memorable SL moment that could not be duplicated.  I was happy to share it with my friend, Treven.  Glad to have been an inspirational creator, Aley.  It's times like this that remind me that sometimes ya just need to take that random LM and see where the pixels winds take ya.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got blogged!!

I got blogged!!  And it feels soooooo good!  You can read Roewan Kline's wonderful review my my silks HERE.  For all the silks lovers of SL this is a great site to help you discover the many great designers!! (yep, me included!!)

Pearls of Wisdom - Patterns

Ok, so I have some friends that I IM with and usually get a return message at 5 minute intervals.  Some friends will say good night and talk for another 10 minutes while others will flash a BBL (be back later) and log off with no notice at all.  Wow...I even have a very dear friend that will often not reply at all. (He's a chronic AKF'r.)  Now... when i first got here I may have read into this behavior more, maybe even taken it personally.

This recently happened to me when a new friend TP'd me to his location where he and his friends were in the middle of an inane conversation.  Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of conversations like that, BUT... it was...ummmm... uncomfortable.  This new friend maybe said two words to was so odd.  I started to take the whole scene the wrong way and that's my A-HA! moment.  I didn't know him well enough to know his "pattern."  I have since found out that is the way he operates and now that I know that I can conduct my mind accordingly.  And...have a new good friend!! Heeeeee!!

So the next time a person gets upset because their new friend doesn't reply quickly, or poofs with no notice, just remind that person that they have to know a persons pattern first before they pass judgment.  I my very humble opinion...that keeping this in mind will avoid unnecessary bad feelings.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

If I don't write something now I may never write anything at all.

I went to The Skin Fair this morning and had a wonderful stroll throug the lag. I'm sure there were many beautiful people there but they were all suffering the lag as their skin was a pale shade of gray so it was difficult to know for sure.

Now listen, I'm no Photoshop talent. If Photoshop was a pair of shoes I'd need the velcro kind so I wouldn't have to worry about laces. That being said...I was amazed at the range of talent that we have amongst our SL skinmakers. Kudos to those with skills... and a hearty pat on the back for those that still need some practice. And a HUGE THANK YOU to those vendors that were kind enough to drop some freebies on us all!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!