Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This week DIRTY BEATS & DIRTY COUTURE present a series of parties featuring some of SL's top DJs. On Saturday they Dirty Beats SIM will host a party all day and into the night finished off by a mixed reality event featuring RL DJs streaming from a NYC warehouse party into SL's Club Dirty Beats. Check out the details below and be sure to come out to support our SL DJs!!!

Proudly Present Their Presence In Secondlife!
We Cordially Invite You To Check Out Our New Sim!

The party runs through the week:
MON 8/10 Dane Koba - 1pm-3pm
TUES 8/11 GW Raymaker - 1pm-3pm
WED 8/12 Victoryan Bailey 1pm-3pm
THURS 8/13 Jimi Cheng - 1pm-3pm
FRI 8/14 Init Hubble 1pm-3pm

AND All day, Saturday, August 15, 2009:
SAT Rocco Silverstar 11am-1pm
SAT Bridgitte Boucher 1pm-3pm
SAT Kromus Korobase 3pm-5pm
SAT Jaycee Kass 5pm-7pm
SAT Digital Francis 7pm-9pm
SAT - ALL-DAY Party TBA Followed by REAL LIVE STREAM From Brooklyn, NY At The Filthy Warehouse Party! ***FIRST-TIME SL APPEARANCE FROM DIRTY BEATS & DIRTY COUTURE, Real Life House Label and Clothing Brand! RL/SL Mixed Reality Event!!


Filthy Warehouse Info:
A Little Old Warehouse in Brooklyn...
Starring DJ's Aluv Joe Lodi & Dave Rosario
The Place...A Little Old Warehouse in Brooklyn is an event that is being thrown in a Warehouse in Williamsburg Brooklyn which is 5 Mins from NYC. The event is Starring RL DJs Aluv and Joe Lodi aka Luv & Lodi along with up and coming Dj Producer Dave Rosario. Dirty Beats is taking it back to basics with this event. Aluv and Joe Lodi are no new comers to the scene. Together over the last 12 years they both have either promotionally directed djed or have installed sound in every club in NYC Miami or Vegas. They are most known for running the Soundfactory from 1997 to 2000 and were the first promoters who helped Jonathan Peters boost his career to where he is now. These guys are very well respected in the business and are trying to create something new and fresh in NYC.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gratuitious Piccy: Me!!

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piccy of my taken by Billynom8 Mopp @ United Beats. lookit!!! it's me!!