Friday, October 31, 2008

Mainland Fun!!

Fascinating. Long time ago I was cruising through a sim. I think I was probably following up a lead on a freebie or something. Uusually when I stop in for a freebie I try to take a look around at the neighboring parcels to see what people are up to. I came across a little parcel called The Gutter: Punk Rock Ghetto. It's a little block long ghetto that leaves a person feeling dirty and violated. So yeah, I couldn't help but to like it enough to remember it and return a few times.

But listen, this is the part that compelled me to write today....I was looking around at my parcel, the sim, and the surrounding sims this morning. I noticed some water to the West and went to check it out and...there, ONLY 2 SIMS AWAY FROM ME....The Gutter: Punk Rock Ghetto.!!!!! Amazing!! Just another reminder to me as to why I like mainland cuz i love to take walks through sims, and just looky at what I can find soooo close to home!!!

Pose: [LAP] Guns Blazing
Shoe: Juicy Slingbacks Tangering
Dress: Ingenue: Polka Love Halloweenie Freebie!
Bloody knees with bandaids: QC Designs, my shoppy at Paris New York Sim

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom - To each his own

A few weeks ago I was running amok playing with Four Yip's creations at her gallery at KMADD.  I was dressed up in one of the costumes she had put out and was taking glorious piccies.  
For a reason I now cannot recall I tp'd back to the gallery...oh yes, for the SLURL!!...and I came across Rawly Rousselot who writes for SL InWorld Today.  We struck up conversation about Four Yip. He had never seen her creations.  And then we talked about KMADD.  I knew nothing of it.  He filled me in on the wondrous world of KMADD society and I entertained him with a show of Yip costumes.  He's a blogger and dropped a hint about his column and sure enough the next day, there I was in SL InWorld Today, stuck in a pose an dressed in nothing but panties and a tiny sweater.  Figures, nearly naked.  Again.

As I read the article I began to reflect on the community of people represented in SL InWorld Today.  What caught my eye is a very swanky event planning operation and I couldn't help but to think how shiny and pretty the organization looks. 
Then my mind switches to thoughts of the work I do with Bridgitte Boucher to put on events.  While we are always professionals in what we do there is a certain down and dirty feeling that I get when our happenings come together.  Often they are raw and organic. Upon reflection I conclude that I love the thought of how amazing our events turn out. 
But then for a fleeting moment I wondered what it would be like to work within the shininess of this other group.  The thought left more quickly than it came because I think what we do is wonderful and I love the means as much as the end.

Stepping back to contemplate I look around and see that within the SL world there is a spectrum for every facet of the community.  We all choose to operate in different ways and naturally our efforts elicit different results.  However, whether we have the shine or not, the important part is that we're here doing it, making it happen.  And when we can find satisfaction in the things we do in SL we should celebrate the achievement.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct. 23

On Thursdays we celebrate the coming of the weekend at Digital Nation HQ. This week Thrill McMillan hosts this fabulous event featuring the hotness that is DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher and Snowkitty "Sweetness" Schmooz!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy: QC Forgetting

Try this, looks better when you View On Black.
Photo taken at Templum Ex Obscurum, an amazing place for pictures, setting the mood, contemplating the meaning of SLife.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salina Beach Fashion Show/Grand opening/Pah-tay!!

It is my humble opinion that I clean up well. What you think? I'm fancied up today cuz in about 30 minutes the Salina Beach Fashion show kicks off the Grand Opening of this fabulous shopping sim!!! The show will be followed by mingling at the Salina Beach Club to the tunes of DJ Jasminx Saenz and DJ Asreal Hax.
Put on your Saturday's finest and come join us! Better yet, come by new threads at one of these great shops:Decoy, *Alchemy*, ICING, Aphrodite Creations, Ornamental Life, Punch Drunk. Boutique de Liberté mainstore, Somapop...wowza....and then come join us!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct 16

On Thursdays we celebrate the coming of the weekend at Digital Nation HQ. This week features a very special New York City edition with DJs Jasminx Saenz and Digital Francis!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Portrait of a DJ - Elisha Richez

DJ Elisha Richez, long time rave DJ, owner of Rave Island and !!Sikk Designz!!

QC: What style of music do you play?
ER: I specialize in anything techno , but my love at the moment is the new generation of hard techno/schranz
QC: Why do you DJ or, what motivates you?
ER: I dj because i am a musician. I also play electric guitar.
QC: When you aren't DJing what do you like do in SL?
ER: hmm...lemme think about that one lmao
QC: *giggles*
ER: I like to stab people with my fist o doom and help out in the community as much as i possibly can.
QC: *nods
QC: Where can you be found playing?
ER: hmmm.....i am 28 out of seattle RL and can be found anywhere in the world in the SL rave community.
QC: Anything else you want the world to know?
ER: The scene is what you make it so lets stop being selfish and give your neighbor a hand and build the scene up again.
QC: awesome, thankies!!
Elisha Richez: welcome : )

Boudoir Rouge Pose Set 2 - Seduction - Anticipation available at Rouge.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost There @ Digital Nation, Oct 2

It's time to celebrate!! Friday is so close and the weekend is on the way!!! Tonight: DJ Thinker Moy 6-8pm SLT AND Digital's having crazy fun with the Thinker Moy theme, ya gotta stop by Digital Nation HQ at least to check the place out! kewt!