Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roller Rink Party @ Rouge - DJ Briddy turns 2!!!

Briddy's 2nd rezzday party invitation, Sat, May 2, 6pm SLT
You are invited to: DJ Briddy's 2nd Rez-day Celebration!!!
When: Saturday, May 2, 2009, 6pm SLT
Where: The Roller Rink @ Rogue
Join us for roller skating while you boogie down to funktastic electro and freaky breaks. Don't forget to wear your biggest hair, shiniest spandex and tiniest hot pants!!!
Big thankies to Codie for letting us invade Rouge for a night of madness!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Linden Memorial Park - Now open

I've been fortunate to never lose any SL friends to RL mortality, but I've known people who have. The first time I experienced the death of a RL person in SL was when my SL Mentor's son passed away. It was probably the first time I really understood that even in SL we can't escape human tragedy. The family set up an in-world memorial and guests were able to set out floating candles with notes of remembrance. It was beautiful, but I think that eventually all of the prims were returned.

The second experience I had with the RL passing of an SL avatar was the death of Ginny Talamasca. I did not know Ginny personally but I was familiar with her work and loved her designs. When I heard the tragic news my eyes welled up and I spent a few melancholy days wandering the grid and contemplating the fragile nature of the human relative to the immortal avatar.
LDPW Memorial: Ginny Talamasca
LDPW Memorial: Ginny Talamasca - Queen Coronet

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Day of Remembrance in Second Life. It is a day to remember those avatars that have lost their RL people. The memorial was held at the new Linden Memorial Park created by the Linden Public Works Department. This park is intended to be a place for permanent memorials, peace, and contemplation. You can get more information about the park's inspiration and creation from Brent Linden's blog post or Dusty Linden's blog post.
Shrine of Remembrance - Queen Coronet

The pictures of the park hardly do it justice, you'll need to visit to capture the full experience. And an interesting note to this story...while I was in the garden looking at the flowers people have planted to remember their loved ones a man dropped in. It was my SL mentor and he came to plant a flower for his son. I haven't seen him for over 2 years. SL is a very small world, isn't it?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 420 Day!! (psst, i'm on Koinup now)

Happy 420 Day!!! - Queen Coronet
Big ups to Dane Koba for putting together a 420 Day Celebration. Check out this neat-o pic i took of the party venue. Yeppers, a giant bud. niiiiice.

And while I'm on the subject of pictures I'd like to introduce you to my newest venture into the world wide web... Koinup!! I've been using Flickr for a long time now but a lot of people seem to enjoy Koinup so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm finally dipping my toes in the Koinup waters and so far I'm liking it. I'm all of 3 pictures in, but I don't wanna get overwhelmed.

I like to take snapshots in-world and send them via postcard to flickr. Turns out that can be done with Koinup (and linked from within Koinup to send to flickr too!) AND Talia Tokugawa wrote a quick and easy tutorial to auto-populate the koinup e-mail address so I don't have to type in the e-mail address each time.

I'm not sure yet the pros and cons of flickr v. koinup. If anyone out there would like to add their two cents I'd appreciate hearing from you. In the meantime I'll keep forging on and try my best to send in progress reports.
Happy 420 Day, Dane Koba!! - Queen Coronet

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Touch of Lace BDSM Issue Release Party Invitation

A Touch of Lace BDSM Issue Release Party Invitation
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

A Touch of Lace Magazine Launch Party - Celebrate the BDSM Issue!!

Wednesday, April 15th, 7pm SLT @ Rouge Sim
hosted by Lacie Babenco, music by DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher

Come dance to hot, dirty, sexy sounds mixed live by DJ Briddy,
Best un-Dressed contest sponsored by Lacie Babenco
Bring your leather, latex, whips and chains, it's time to get your BDSM on!!

Find out more about the magazine and read the latest issue @

Saturday, April 11, 2009

::::QC Designs:::: Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Set

I just put this wedding set out and you're gonna love it!! I do!!
It's available at my little corner shop @ Juicy!! OR online @

Princess cut sculpty diamonds crafted to maximize the sparkle of the stone. The rings have an easy to use script allows you to choose:
- Gold, Silver, Gunmetal or Copper
- 21 different gemstone colors
- Add or remove glow
- A show/hide function transforms engagement ring to a full wedding band.

Set includes:
- Woman's Engagement/Wedding Ring
- Man's Wedding Ring

All items are meticulously crafted with an attention to detail. Questions or comment please contact me for assistance. I also do customization and CUSTOM ORDERS available upon request.
::::QC Designs:::: Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Set

Sunday, April 5, 2009

::::QC Designs::: New Wedding set coming soon

::::QC Designs::: New Wedding set coming soon
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

This is the type of thing that I break my back for. The woman's ring is only 46 prims so I'm not sure what took so long. This wedding set will be available in the next few days at my shop @ Juicy ( and on The ring is scripted to for metal change, gem color change, glow, and hide/show on the woman's wedding band. And super easy to use.

I'm not sure the picture captures the stone, but it's a princess cut with a natural shine. Gorgeous!!