Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom: Two sides to every story

In my time in Second Life I've been witness to countless dramas as a distant observer as well as a reluctant confidante. Usually I'm exposed one person's detailed account of the situation and left to collect the other side of the story through observation. As you may imagine it results in a slanted view of the story, and if I'm not careful, a prejudicial demeanor towards the other party.
It just happened again and I'm compelled to share some words of wisdom. I could not have stated it better myself.

Two Second Life residents on Plurk were going through some "issues." and one party offered to their readers to be contacted in-world to give the truth, not fabrications. Yes, I rolled my eyes as I thought to myself "whose truth?" Then, the most wondrous angels of reason descended upon the Plurk stream:

Tenshi: Everyone fabricates their own side.
Tenshi: Everyone sees history differently.
Tenshi: There's a huge difference between a lie and a different view.
Tenshi: I'm not saying that's what is going on - I don't have a damn clue - I'm just running my mouth.
Madame Maracas: tenshivielle do you mean the difference between a lie and the Rashoman effect?

[effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it. - Wikipedia]
NOTE: x-treme editing used to focus on the generality of the statements.

Amazing!! I was thankful to be instantly reminded there are at least two sides to every story. And the storyteller's account is almost always colored by their own perceptions. It can be very confusing. Be careful of judging other people based on information that is not received first hand. And be careful of great story tellers, they can cloud your vision.

Now, I know this, but it's good to be reminded. I prefer to listen and observe and come to my own conclusions. Often, it's not the underlying issue, but rather an evaluation as to how each party handled the matter. That in itself can be the biggest clue to a person's true character and the most determinative as to how I choose to conduct myself when relating to each party.
Queenie Rashoman style

Monday, May 11, 2009

I can read your mind.

I like to Plurk. It keeps me in touch with my SL friends even when I'm not in SL. It's allowed me to meet so many new people and to peek into their SLives and many of their real lives.

This morning my Plurk timeline was abuzz with the tragic news of the death of the RL person behind the SL avatar, Rheta Shan. I never had the pleasure of knowing Rheta but I couldn't help but to feel heartache for those around me that were close to her. My heart goes out to her family and friends, in here and out there. Throughout the day people were able to share the news, their reactions, and their remembrances of Rheta in Plurk.

But there were other topics of discussion today within Plurkdom including: hunt/freebie critiques, criticism and backlash. Someone gushed with joy as she announced her long awaited engagement. There were many hellos and good nights. At one point some plurkers were suffering the predictable breakdown of xstreetsl.com. It was a day full of angst, joy, heartache and love.

When I got home I was suffering from the effects of allergy medication, heartache, and hormones . I turned on the 'puter and stared at the Plurk time line for too long. I'm not even sure what I was looking for. Finally, I realized that on this day negative and sad thoughts were screaming the loudest at me and coming from all directions. I took a break and read a little bit of Midnight Sun. The character, Edward, is a mind-reading vampire. So . . .

That's when I began to wonder about Plurk....Is this what it would be like to be able to listen to people's thoughts? I'm privy to the thoughts of about 200 people in Plurk. And to the thoughts of all the people that respond. Some thoughts are louder, and more emotional. Some are simple and fact based. But each is there for me to read if I choose. I imagine that a Plurk time line is very similar to having the ability to listen into the intimate thoughts of the people around me. After a day like today I know that I need to remain diligent in what I choose to read or my head may implode. Hmmm, that would not be so good.

stop all the noise!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Queenie Hunts!! : Keys to the VIP Hunt

I did a hunt this weekend. I haven't done one in what seems like forever. Frankly, I've been suffering from freebie hunter's fatigue. I appreciate hunts and I've participated in them as a shop owner and a hunter. But as of late there have been hunts with or all of the following problems: poorly organized, too large to fathom completion without coming face to face with insanity, unreasonably difficult, militant shop owners, rude hunters, and sadly the results are often an inventory stocked up with poor quality items.

Friday night I was already hearing good things about the KEYS TO THE VIP HUNT. I checked out the website and I was so happy to see that they had posted HINTS for each location. That cinched it, I was in! I'm a frugal person RL and SL and I love a bargain. But I'm also willing to pay for something that's got value so I had no problem spending 200L for the pass required for the hunt. On Saturday morning I enjoyed a few hours of hunting and had a great time. I was really pleased to find so many fantastic stores. I'm still unpacking but so far I've been really pleased with the goodies.

I was just over at the KEYS TO THE VIP HUNT to grab the URL and I noticed they are having problems with "cheaters." Someone has posted all the SLURLS to the prizes. And now shop owners are changing up the locations, and the organizer is scrambling to redo the clues, and..... *sighs* Come on. Really? I have my opinions, but in the interest of bedtime I'll leave them to a later date. I'm sure this issue won't go away anytime soon.

BTW!!! I'm loving big time on the *shinji* sports sneaks. They're super cute and really well made. Plus there's a belt 'n' other stuff to match also in the hunt.
rainy day sunday
Raincoat = K*S raincoat77
Pose = Rainy Day @ Pulling Strings
Umbrella = *LC* Nerdy Cute Umbrella blue/green (lounge gift at the end of the hunt)
Skin = [42] skin keys hunt tan
Shoes = *Shinji* Argyle Sports Sneaks - THESE ARE ADORABLE!! MY NEW FAVORITE SNEAKERS!!
Pants = 4EVA GUTTA - I had no idea I'd like these pants so much.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gratuitous piccy - Queenie in the tree

resting at home - Queen Coronet
This is me, can you believe it?!
Skin: :: Genesis :: (Candace - Peach "Glitterati")
The whole darn outfit: KEYS TO THE VIP HUNT #046 - FEAR AND CLOTHING
Hair: booN NMR32 hair black small..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Public Health Warning: Blog Drama Syndrome (BDS)

Yesterday a well-known blogger plurked that he's shutting down his plurk account. Naturally I was curious and clicked the link he attached. As it turns out he's retreating back into anonymity to work on projects that bring him joy both in RL and SL. Although I'll miss his well written posts I understand his need to make changes in order to focus on other goals.

Unfortunately the impetus for his decision was a squabble about freebies among bloggers and a resulting verbal assault (read: not meaningful or constructive) against this blogger. Now, I've been witness to these blogger dramas before. Initially I would peek at them like I would flip through a National Enquirer at a news stand. But quickly I realized that any information they provided was laced with negative energy. From that point on I've been more careful about what I choose to read and always proceed with caution and when I sense drama brewing.

But I was not careful enough. Last night I logged into SL and wandered around aimlessly. The malaise was overwhelming. I fell ill and took to my bed at approximately 8:15 p.m. I realized, as I lay there exhausted and with sadness running through my veins, that was suffering from the debilitating effects of Blog Drama Syndrome (BDS.) I had been so careful to protect myself, how could this happen to me? I'm convinced that it was not this once occurrence that did me in. However, it was indicative of how a seemingly benign issue like freebies vs. no freebies could expose the malice that festers within the minds among us. And it did me in.

Preliminary research tells me that a steady diet of butterscotch candies, good tunes, and plenty of rest that is taken in the company of good friends will help me to recover quickly. Let this post serve as a warning to you all, BDS is here and lurks amongst us. Protect yourselves. Think first before you read, write and respond. The next victim could be someone you love.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

::::QC Designs:::: DJ Headphones - Sparkly!!

::::QC Designs:::: DJ Headphones - Sparkly!!
I made these headphones for DJ Briddy "The Diva" Boucher's birthday and it's been decided that they are too cute not to put in the shop. So here they are....
DJ headphones with all the sparkle a girl needs with none of the bling! They have a great sparkly effect and are scripted for 21 Metals color choices, 11 Earpiece color choices and Glow option.
So cute and available now at My Shop @ Juicy or on Xstreet SL