Friday, January 30, 2009

The Club Crawl 2 presented by The Underground

The Club Crawl 2 presented by The Underground

On Sunday, February 1, 2009, The Underground presents . . . Club Crawl!
9 Clubs, 9 DJs, 9 Hours of continuous partying to celebrate the music scene in unity!!

LMs available here

Contact Bridgitte Boucher or Queen Coronet if:
- you need more information
- you get lost and need a TP

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gratuitous piccy: objet d'Briddy Booshay

objet d'Briddy Booshay
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

I made art! me, Briddy and Grip "Capt. 150" Talon enjoying art. Stunning.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom: Signs of a relationship gone bad

I’ve recently witnessed a friend suffer needlessly from heartache in SL. Her pain was so unnecessary and could have easily been avoided if the man she was involved with had been honest with her about ending their relationship. But he wasn’t. Instead, he chose to string her along with stories that always seemed to indicate that but for external problems they would be together. He would say things to her like, “I miss you so much. I’ve been working with the cable company to get a better connection. And I’m not sure why I don’t show online to you even when I am on. And I don’t know why you don’t get my IMs. And I’ve been so sick lately that it’s hard for me to get anything done.”

My friend did not ask to have a man in her SL. He came along while she was happy living her SL. She enjoyed his company so they spent more time together and slowly she opened herself up to him. And she gave him trust which is how she ended up believing his cocktail of excuses. But there was always doubt lurking in the corners. As it turns out he had taken serious interest in a girl that had been a friend of his for awhile. And instead of being honest to my friend he chose to feed her stories and hope. She was left wondering constantly what the state of their relationship was. Eventually she knew, but it took time to accept. It was especially difficult because the stories kept going although his behavior indicated otherwise.

This experience changed my friend. And that is why I want to hurt this man so bad because he has broken her spirit. There was no reason she had to suffer as she did. She’s a good person, she trusted him, and she wanted to believe that no one could treat another person as he was treating her. Unfortunately this situation is not unique in SL. As a service to others I have compiled a short but meaningful list of behaviors that can indicate that your relationship is on the decline:

1. Constant SL failures including but not limited to: IMs not working, showing false online/offline of self or others, chronic unsuccessful log-ins.
2. Unbelievably bad RL luck: illness of self or family member, loss of power, failing internet connection.
3. Inability to understand and utilize alternative forms of communication: phone, e-mail, chat programs.
4. A drastic reduction in time on SL.

What do you do if you can identify more than one of these in your relationship? Be prepared for a long drawn out period in which you’ll vacillate between ending the relationship yourself and hoping that everything will work out. Even if you end it yourself you’ll be left wondering, “did you jump the gun? Did you break it off too soon? Maybe he was telling the truth all along?” Oh it’s horrible. It really is. While I am not “the friend” I refer to in this post I have also been through this experience. And if you ask around I think you’ll find others who have as well.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gratuitous Piccy - Keeping the DJ in line - part 2 (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Keeping the DJ in line - take 2
Most people think Briddy does all the work in The Underground. I thought I'd give you a little peek behind the scenes. Let's just say this DJ won't make the same mistake again.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Queen, use your words.

Help! My english is disintegrating into nothingness!!! Lately as I'm chatting in SL I've noticed the most disturbing phenomenon. I will know perfectly well which word I should be using but I will type a different version.

For example:
DJ: Sound?
me: Can't here anything.

[here? noooooo, it should be "hear." And I know that but my brain forgot to mention the correct spelling to my fingers.]

More recently, and to my extreme horror, I commented on a well read blog with this sentence:
I think you’re blog just made my list of 2009 Happy Places.
[you're? really? wtf was happening that I couldn't manage to figure out that the conjunctive of "you are" was not what should have been typed?]

This problem is bleeding over into my pseudo RL tasks like plurking and blogging. Perhaps it's the speed at which I type. But so odd that I would default to the incorrect word on a regular basis. Short of proof-reading every quip I spew forth I am not sure what to do. I suppose I'll be thankful that I know better, hope that those around me will not judge me harshly for my inability to use my words & maybe one day my brain and fingers will once again be able to work together successfully.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

21st Century Queen

In the race into the 21st century of technological wonders I often feel like I'm still tying my shoe at the start line. I admit, my venture into SL has brought me closer to my computer and expanded my knowledge about all things electrical. However, anytime someone starts talking about the details involved in making a computer operate, or maneuvering through the "world wide web" my eyes glaze over. [Even formulating that sentence makes me a bit light headed]

I'm a capable woman. I can fix a sink. I can change the headlights in my car. Last summer I conquered my sprinkler system went it went bonky. And my RL work requires an intellectual analysis of complex issues on a regular basis. But darnit all!! I just can't seem to wrap my head around these machines of the future that you refer to as "computers" and all the fancy things that a person can do with them.

When I found out I have a follower I was excited because I'm pretty sure it means that I can count on at least one person reading what I am writing today. BUT I was also reminded that I otherwise have no concept of what that really means for a blog. I've poked in the help section of blogger, I've set myself up on Google Analytics, I've tried to read about blog traffic (get more confused) and so on. Still, I just don't get it.

I often eavesdrop on conversations RL, SL, & plurklife, intently hoping that something in my brain will click and I'll finally understand. It hasn't happened yet. I like my computer and I want to tap into more of what it and I can do for each other. And I like my blog, it is a great exercise in writing and a way to share pictures and thoughts. This year I resolve to continue in my quest to grasp these concepts so foreign to me. My shoes are tied and I'm ready to go. Just bear with me, this is gonna be one whacky race!

queen on pc