Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Underground perseveres @ SL6B

This is what two people look like when they are rolling with the punches:
Mr and Mrs Flow, rolling with the punches - Queen Coronet
Turns out the SL6B festivities planned by The Underground were seriously debilitated by the failure of the SL6B Dimension sim to hold more than 40-50 avatars at one time.

If you happen to make your way to The Underground's SL6B parcel and we're nowhere to be found there's a good probability that we're making party at Nick Nack. Thank you Mr. Ideal Flow for opening up your home to The Underground. And thank you Briddy for serving cheese and crackers and tapping into you personal box of white zin.

Big thanks to Dane Koba, Silus Kappler, Jasminx Saenz, Bridgitte Boucher, Init Hubble and Lanne Wise who kept the party going all day and into the night. In the end, this is really what The Underground is all about, isn't it? Collectively we make the music, the party, the memories.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Underground @ SL6B....good to go!!

In less than 24 hours the SL6B sims will open to the public and The Underground will be there to bring you the most fantastical DJ line up ev-ah!!
SLURL to the UG parcel
UPDATE!!! The sim was full today, and maybe tomorrow. If we're not at SL6B, then look for us at The UG's SL6B annex, Nick Nack!!
The Underground @ SL6B - Queen Coronet
Check out all these links below for more information:
Exhibitor directory
SL6B Schedule
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Event blog

Lookit here:

Tues Jun 23
FAC/ENIGMA presents:
12pm – 2pm Silus
2pm – 4pm Dane
Terra Lounge presents:
4pm – 6pm Mamoo
The Underground presents:
6pm - 8pm Init Hubble

Wed Jun 24
Somewhere & Blue presents: TBD

Thu Jun 25
8am – 10am Briddy @ Stage 2 8am-10am
8pm – 10pm Ideal @ Stage 1 8-10pm

Rubik's presents:
10am – 12pm DJOsiris 10am-12pm
12pm – 2pm Nurito 12pm-2pm
2pm – 4pm Asrael 2-4pm
4pm – 6pm Grip 4pm-6pm
6pm – 8pm Init 6-8pm

Fri Jun 26
8am – 10am Nurito @ Stage 1 8am-10am

Southern Cross presents:
1am – 3am Mixemup 1am-3am
3am – 5am Artfullone Skytower
5am – 7am Olaf Quintess
7am – 9am Adamski Cooperstone
9am – 11am Nazzko Shan
11am – 1pm Laureen Korhonen
1pm – 3pm DJxHalloween Boa
3pm – 5pm GaryN Ansome
5pm – 7pm Pete Westminster
7pm – 9pm TheArtfullOne Skytower

9pm – 12am Afterparty w/ The Underground

Showing events until 6/26/2009. Look for more to come!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

SL6B sim....come back, please!?

As you may already know, our group, The Underground is an exhibitor at SL6B. Briddy and I have been working all week on preparing for the SL6B celebration that begins on June 23rd. We were given a deadline of June 20th, midnight to have our build complete. As of Saturday morning we were tinkering with a few things, sprinkling some glow here and there, and of course, planting some flowers in the biodomies. I came in a little later to move some prims around and mid-edit I was kicked from SL. As it turns out there is some massive emergency maintenance in progress.......
SL6B - sims down - Queen Coronet
The big vacant space filled with water is where the sim should be. And it ain't. In the meantime instead of getting all freaked out about a SL failure, we're taking happy pills and working out the UBER-FANTASTIC DJ line up!!!!! Get ready to peek into the future of the music scene brought to you by The Underground!!
p.s. SIM, come back, please?!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gratuitous Piccies: My first landscape

Queenie's first nature picture
Queenie's first nature picture
Queenie's second nature picture
Queenie's second nature picture
Usually I take pics of avatars and of moments. These are the first pictures I've ever taken in which the focus was the landscape. It makes me happy to know that all the hard work I've spent in the garden is paying off.
Oh! and big shout out to my graphics card which makes this all possible. Thankies Mr. G-card!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Forward: Gasmasks and Pucci

fashion forward
And I present to you my newest feature: Fashion Forward!!
Sometimes a "look" is too good not to share.
Delaney Whippet has a $25L sale on everything at her shop, Microphage.
Get yourself over there quick to pick up this Aqua Retro Pucci Inspired Minidress, comes in yellow and pink too!!! She's got lotsa cute dressed and tops as well as accessories for your buying pleasure.
My hair was styled by ::69::. I luvs big bows!!
And of course, nothing says "high fashion" like a gas mask. It's a more progressive look than a simple pair of sunglasses. Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Second Life!!

The Underground Celebrates SL's 6th Bday!!
The Underground has been given a parcel in the SL6B sims and we're gonna get our party on!! future style!!!
Come join Briddy, me and the rest of The Underground crew for some amazing parties. It's so big it's gonna take us a week to do it proper!!

[22:57] Queen Coronet: the binary code is a translation
[22:57] Bridgitte Boucher: ooh yes
[22:57] Queen Coronet: of the birthday message
[22:57] Bridgitte Boucher: i could clearly see that
[22:57] Bridgitte Boucher: i speak binese
[22:57] Queen Coronet: of course. i forgot you spent a year in binaria

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Open Court Sessions @ The Underground Basketball Courts - WIN!!

Today was Open Court Session at the Underground Basketball Courts and it was an amazing success!!! Operating within The Underground group, Briddy and I organize electronic music events. In the past we've done open courts and thought it was time for another. The concept is to do an open call for DJs to come and play one hour sets, head to head. We donned our UG uniforms and headed off to The Underground Courts.

Before we knew it, the DJs were lined up and ready to go. At some points we neared max load on the sim. The entire day we had a great crowd of people coming and going. It was really fantastic to hear great tunes, enjoy our friends and make new friends too! I'm so thankful I have Briddy to do all the work so I can relax and take all the credit. (Seriously, I'm absolutely thankful for all she does.) And I'm lovin' on all the members of the music community that came out today to have a good time.

I want to make sure to say thank you to all the DJs that brought us tunes throughout the day: Bridgitte "Briddy the Diva" Boucher, Jasminx Saenz, NuRito Inshan, Luigy Balhaus, DJAmpz Dinzel, Goodes Bade, DJOsiris Darkstone, Mbone Pizzaro, Coggy Nikolaidis, Ideal Flow, and Genki Dreamscape. We love you all!! *runs around giving thank you hugs (and gropes)*

And finally, I present to you today's winner of The Underground Hot Mess of the Day Award... The North Court. This is only the second time in history of the award that a location won the award and it's well deserved. [Previously my house had won after something went horribly awry when I tried to move it just a teeny bit] Nothing shouts out "hot mess" like hippo balloons, a tuba player and a Barbie bedroom set. Well done!!
The UG Hot Mess of The Day - North Court - Queen Coronet
You can find more pictures from The Underground here.