Sunday, April 18, 2010

first rez of the year

first rez of the year
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

first rez of the year, or so it seems. I think this is the first box that
I've rezzed in forever. Do you think it's pretty?

Oh yeah, and this is also a good reminder as to why it takes me so long to
get things done. I started on a task and then decided I'd better blog this.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratuitous Piccy: Sunday Morning @ Sol's

Sunday Morning
Originally uploaded by solangedaviau

I couldn't resist sharing this picture because not only has Solange Daviau's artistry progressed amazingly in the past several months she also does it surrounded by the most gorgeous home and garden accessories from Queen & Co. (oh hey, that's my shoppy!) Make sure you check out the rest of her photo stream....umm....after the kids have gone to bed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Queen & Co. Skybox - oooh pretty!

This prettiest skybox includes a built in sparkling waterfall, crystal chandelier, all wrapped up in a bright pink bow!  55 prims, 30 x 15 footprint.

Available here:
and here: My Shoppy!!
Queen & Co. Skybox - oooh pretty!

And check out this blog, Keeping Track, that prominently* features one of the skyboxes i gifted out at the Juicy celebration!!

*exaggeration added to give the author an appearance of importance in this great world wide web that we live in.

UPDATE: Check out Uccello Poultry's review at The Poultry Report.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where has everyone gone?

I'm coming up on my 3rd rez-day this month and could not help but to reflect on my experiences in Second Life during the last 3 years. Today my mind wandered to the people I have met and began to wonder where have so many of them gone? There have been several people that I knew very well and considered my closest friends in SL and they have disappeared from existence. It's really so sad to me that these people are gone. Although I wonder if it is them I miss or rather the peaceful intimacy that I experienced with each of them.

Take for example, Andrew...I met him at a wall of freebie textures. He was one of my first friends. He encouraged me to build and to set up shop. He'd make little trinkets for me like wings scripted with a caging device. He began to spend more time in his RL and eventually we spent less time together. Tonight I took a peek at his profile, which led me to a dead link. I looked a little further and discovered that he's been wiped from SL. Gone.

White taught me to build. He had an amazing way with prims and I was lucky to have him as a teacher. He also encouraged me to make silks and put them out in a store. It was because of him that I opened up my silk shop. I enjoyed the time he and I spent together building...hours of prim torture can be enjoyable when done with friends. And he too is gone.

And Wolf was always a good friend to me. He listened intently and made brilliant suggestions when I was having difficulties in SL and RL. He always greeted me warmly and showed his appreciation for me. Eventually he became overwhelmed with women constantly vying for his attention. But then again, that's what happens when one runs a fetish club. It was too much for him and he removed himself from SL. Another one gone.

There are maybe a handful more of people that I knew better than most and today you would barely be able to find a trace of them. I suspect that some of them are living lives as an alt. And if that is the case I can't help but to be put off that they are out there and can see me, while I will never know what became of them.

I scratch my head as I ponder where these people have gone. Have I run them off? Do other people in SL have a history filled with voids where avatars used to be? Why is it that my friends not only leave me, but they leave their avatars behind as well. Is it me? It's them, right?

where has everyone gone?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reflections of a Shopkeeper: Location - Style and Aesthetics

For a long time now I've have a small corner shop at Juicy and specialized in wedding rings and custom jewelry.  I recently have taken an interest in larger builds including residential structures, furniture and landscaping.  I found that my tiny shop was bursting a the seams and I decided to take a sizable parcel on the corner of the sim. As I venture forth on my journey into shop-keeping I'm finding plenty of challenges and surprises worth sharing. And so I begin a new segment entitled: Reflections of a Shopkeeper.

Location - Style and Aesthetics:
I started out a bit anxious to get into something big and as soon as Gogo, my landlady, said she had a space available I grabbed it.  However I didn't take a lot of time to think about how my shop would fit into the location.  It was a nice corner lot with a good view. But it was sandy and beachy and my shop concept is (will be eventually) a lush green garden. I really struggled to make things work, but the build just was not "clicking" for me. I mentioned to Gogo that i loved the grass she had put in for the Juicy Birthday event and she should keep it.  She suggested that I move over to the Juicy del Mar sim.  It took me a few hours of deliberating because I had already put Landmarks in everything and pasted my SLURL everywhere.  But I stood at the Juicy del Mar parcel for awhile and realized it was where I needed to be. The moment I rezzed the first prim I knew I had made the right choice. And so I present to you: Queen & Co. @ Juicy del Mar:
Queen & Co. *organically rezzed prims

If you're thinking about opening a shop or moving your shop it's so important to consider not only the pricing, but the environment and location. The parcel I have sits on a green landscaped and somewhat whimsical sim. It works so well for me, but I know others that would be much better suited to a completely different style. Take a little time to find something that fits your aesthetic. It will make your experience so much more enjoyable.  You'll also save yourself time and frustration if you can find the right location first time around because you'll avoid having to update slurls and LMs everywhere.

I think people like stability in their shopping so try not to make a move too often.  HOWEVER, if you're not "feeling it" then find something else. There's no reason to make yourself unhappy. Shop-keeping doesn't have to be and should not be all about the L$s. You've got to enjoy what you're doing and where you're doing it and choosing the right location is a great start towards success.  Right?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gratuitous Piccy: Dancing at UFOWATCHTOWER with the Star Trek Crew

I have been using flickr for over two years now. Most of the pictures I take are from snapshots in-world and once in a great while I'll make an attempt at some photoshop fanciness. Consequently I have very few pictures that get a lot of action. When I do have a picture with a lot of view I can't help but to wonder why. And so I give you this:
Dancing at UFOWATCHTOWER with the Star Trek Crew
It is a picture of me dancing at UFOWATCHTOWER with the Star Trek Crew. AND, it got 91 views in less than a day. That's a lot of views. I can only imagine that it is either the "UFO" or the "Star Trek" and if that's the case I'm moving to outer space.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I made a FANCY Slurl! and you can too!

I made a fancy slurl for my shoppy!! And if you click here you can see the result.

YOU can do it too if you're so inclined by using the soooo easy SLURL builder. It will create a slurl that directs people to a location inworld and allows you to customize the slurl to include a title, a picture and a short message.

You'll need to have
1. The slurl information (here's a Torley post on slurls) for the location you desire
2. A URL for the picture (if you don't have one you can use a photo hosting site. i like flickr.) , and
3. A few words to include in the description. (generally you'll want to arrange them into a cohesive phrase or sentence.)

This is what the fancy slurl maker can do:
fancy slurl

And if you click this link and use the slurl in-world you can click on this:
Queen & Co. Midnight Mania Board

Or buy one of these:
teapots and a crying plant
special thanks to Mr. Gauge Laville for dangling his own fancy slurl in my face and inspiring me to seek out my own.