Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Show us your noobies!!!

It was a hot sticky Sunday and we was busy taking it old school.  The unnaturally clever minds of  Bridgitte Boucher and Moa Soderstrom had invited the residents of SL to party like the day they was rezzed.  The directions were to create an new avatar (noobie, newbie, noob) no more than two days prior to the event.  Come only with what your Linden mama gave ya.  

DJs Init Hubble and Adamatic Aeon spun to the delight of the crowd.  A box of party favors (gestures and a few dangerous attachments) was set out for a little extra somethin' somthin'.  Our noobies ran amok while we all tried our best to figure out who was who. 

In attendance for the event was, in no particular order:
Enet Mubble (Thrill McMillan) - cousin to Init Hubble and arguably the more intelligent and better looking cousin.
No Weezles (Init Hubble) - Quiet moody artsy fartsy musician type.
Grzezba Szczepanski (Ryz Uriza) - Spent most of the event in the buff and cavorting about wearing a giant skull.
Lickmy Minotaur (Bridgitte Boucher) - Girl tricked out her avatar, dang! She one bad mammajamma.
BeavisTheGreatCornholio Moonites (Moa Soderstrom) - Insane. just...just...insane.
Lisa Drumheller (as herself) - Arrived in style wearing vintage "box attached to right hand."
Sunday Jarvis (as herself) - Danced the evening away in her worst primmy bling shoes, overdone make up and static mono-colored hair. (I'm pretty sure she's got an escort job lined up if she wants it.)
Moddychacha Mavendorf (yours truly) - Overheard reciting the noobie mantra, "hello. where are you from?"
amens Bookmite - The cutest of the crew in lovely cardboard box.
Shefrowns Gothly (Delaynie Barbosa) – Delightfully filled with sorrow.
Stila Gothly (Kandy Roussel) – I think she was born hawt!
Madisen Tandino (Cheap imitation of herself).
Ideal Flow and Evermore Noel appearing as themselves brought a hint of class to the event. On the other hand GirlyGirly Twine, Bad Sorbet, and Candyz Baxton were in attendance and I’m wondering now if they truly were noobies lost on their way to a free sex extravaganz.
Finally, the beauty of the ball was WillfellateFor Quan (Adamatic Aeon) – decked out in her finest girl next store attire and 5 o’clock shadow she made sweet humping love to the guests ‘til we all had a hint of bile tickling at the back of our throats.

Words cannot adequately described the madness of the night.  I hope these candid  shots convey the onigokko running, box wearing, ding fries are done shouting, ass spanking good time that was had by all.  

"Onigokko the DJ"
Show us your noobies!!!002

"Pin the box on the Noob"
Show us your noobies!!!014

"I Spy" How many newbies can you find in this pic?
Show us your noobies!!!006

And you can check out more pics here!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy: DJ Briddy Boucher @ Detroit Life

DJ Briddy Boucher @ Detroit Life
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

DJ Briddy taking the beats to a new level @ Detroit Life sim! Relying on a single loop to tell her story, Briddy mixed her way through a journey of the soul.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adventures in SL: Zee and Zora's Little Slice

I spend a lot of time in Second Life far away from my little piece of land poking my nose around other people's build, fascinated by the talent and creativity of our residents.  The other day I decided that maybe I need to spend some time at my home sim, visiting with the neighbor's, have a cup of coffee, watching the jellyfish go by. Huh? Jellyfish? Queen, what are you talking about? 

Simple.  I've got the best sim neighbors ever!  I've had my home in the Areumdeuli sim for over a year now and  I attribute my longevity in the same location to my wonderful neighbors Zee Pixel and Zora Spoonhammer, owners of Zee and Zora's Little Slice.  The interaction I've had with Zee and Zora since in the sim is a lesson in trust, and kindness between strangers in a virtual world.  Usually a person can't get a tour of my place without a few minutes from me about how great my neighbors are.  And, in addition to being good, solid, upstanding residents of Second Life, Zora developer and content creator, and Zee  supports her with promotion and distribution.  Wow! What a team!!

Maybe you'd like a nice place to relax and visit with friends while you watch the jellyfish float by? You can! Thanks to Zee and Zora.  
jellyfish heaven

How about some snake charming in the Curiosity Shop? Yep, that's a Zee and Zora. Picnic by the pond? Zee and Zora, too.  Zora created the intricately detailed pond, fish, water...there's a construction kit in the Curiosity shop so you can have one too!
Zee and Zora's little slice
(psst, check out the bots in the sky behind me! It just occurred to me, is my robot fetish showing?)

I bet most of you don't know that if your draw is set high enough you can see a Giant Topographical Scupltie Earth (with real time cloud data) from the balcony of my shoppy.  Yes, again...Zee and Zora.

One of my favorites: The bots that shuttle supplies across the property.  I often will sit on the stoop of my muni building and watch the little buggers work, work, work.  It's so easy to explore all of these wonderful creations, just tp into Zee and Zora's Little Slice and check the directional signs.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!! In addition to building so many wonderful things in-world and making them available for you to take home (check the Curiosity Shop), Zee and Zora create tools to help other SLer's create.  Check out CCCCybernetics for access to Zura's newest creation, a "morph target UV mesh library and models for AC3D."   For more info you can check out the Second Life Forum. Content creators, this is a must have. MUST.  If you scroll down while visiting their site, you'll find Zora's Sculpted Prim Export Plug-in for AC3D.  Amazing.  But, this is where my head starts to spin from all the tech lingo, so I'm going back to sit on my stoop, sip a gin fizz and watch the worker bots do their thing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy - Guess who?

Gratuitous Piccy - Guess who?
Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

Check this out!

Want to try out Second Life for yourself? Sign up at

Deizha - It's a feeling....Grand opening event!!

Today was the opening party for DEIZHA, the newest club to hit SL! And this is no ordinary club. It's owned by Jolinja Mills and DJ Devee Voom and from everything I've seen so far they have poured their love of tunes into a club that I'm sure will deliver unforgettable moments.

As the land tag says: It's A Feeling...
Exclusive home to RL dance labels: Hed Kandi and Stereo Sushi as well as some of SL's hottest house DJs. The finest in House Music from all corners of the globe.

Check this line up of resident DJs: Atom Hykova, Init Hubble, Kromus Korobase, Devee Voom and Serdan Mendes. Oh my wow!!!

Devee Voom opened the the party.
DJ Devee Voom @ >>> DEIZHA <<< Opening

DJ Init stood around pretending like he was deep in thought, and I watched.
DJ Init Hubble @ >>> DEIZHA <<< opening

Packed, I tell ya! Packed!!!
Opening party @ >>> DEIZHA <<< Beach Bar

Definitely needs to go on the list of hot spots in SL to see and be seen!!

check out a few more piccies here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


First time I was Onigokko'd I was with winirose Runo at Pretty N Punk Village.  She was on break from caring for her renters and I was showing off my widdy biddy hatchling avie.  Next thing I knew winirose was running madly in circles with crazy music swirling around my head.  She handed me a tiny pink tail to attach and before i could blink i was in a crazy game of chase....too fun!!!

Somewhere I picked up another onigokko that attaches to the eye and was walking around with it attached, but didn't know it.  I was minding my business at a club when suddenly someone hollered out, "Onigokko!" I got Onigokko'd!!! There I was, already sticking out in a night club because i was dressed in full geisha garb, and to top it off I was running wildly around waving my arms in the air.  This girl knows how to make an impression.

Recently I had the pleasure of a more controlled onigokko.  Kira from Lucky Kitty Crew organized an onigokko exercise session for the heavier avies.  Notice the impromptu event can be held anywhere, even vacant lots.

Onigokko Exercise Session

As it turns out "onigokko" is a Japanese game of tag.  Oni is the devil, not sure what the gokko is.  Devil's chase?  Ok, the important part is that you too can onigokko with your friends.  I've put out a pink box in my shop with two types of onigokko in it.  Grab some and pass them on.  Too fun!! 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy - Queen

Originally uploaded by Queen Coronet

Check out more naughty and nice shots on my flickr stream (click the picture or here .)  Anyone have a favorite?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures in SL: Privateer Space CLOSED (Aley, say it ain't so!)

privateer espace closed 1
Originally uploaded by Andromega

I was gonna show you all a piccy to get you through the weekend, BUT.....Andromega Volare has just posted this picture. I don't mean to resort to sensationalism by posting such a graphic picture depicting a horrific scene (I admit, I had to sit for a few minutes to let the nausea subside) BUT, it's important that we face certain issues to prevent them from happening to others.

Awhile ago I had posted a review of the Privateer Space Sim created and operated by Aley Arai. And just recently I returned there to explore with Midori Yatsenko and Elric Ember. I think that Midori was squatting in the space station and I was considering moving into Venus. It was the very next day that I heard through Lucky Kitty Chat that Aley was closing Privateer Space Sim. I suppose I felt that if I ignored the news that somehow it couldn't be true.

Sadly, as you can see by the picture, it is true. Privateer Space Sim, an SL treasure, is closed.

Residents, please....when you hear of something of interest, a must see, go and take a few minutes to experience for yourself. The closing of Privateer Space is an important reminder of how quickly things can changed our great big Second Life Universe.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Enjoyment of Art - Shunga

In the midst of a beautiful Japanese sim, the HOSOI Ichiba, Erotic Art Revealed gallery lies beneath the busy hustle and bustle of the marketplace.  It's a lovely collection of erotic art showcased in a tranquil, private room where one can enjoy uninterrupted.  Spend some time with each picture.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that each piece told a different story, each of the subjects conveyed a different emotion. 

Take for example the picture below....

Queen Enjoying Art

Oh sorry, I seem to be blocking some details, but look at the way he's taking her and at the same time embracing her leg, kissing her knee.  He certainly seems to be enjoying himself, as does she.  And they seem oblivious to the conversation taking place behind them.  Perhaps an arrangement being made to start their own little tryst? mmmmm, I love art.

For more detailed information about the gallery in sim check out the HOSOI Ichiba site.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I make shiny pretty things!!

When I'm not boozing and hitting on DJs and sexy robots I love to build.  All of my creations can be found at my shoppy,  ::::QC Designs:::: It's also a good idea to frequent my place as I like to put out random freebs, almost freebs and sales.

Most recently I've discovered the joy of sculpty jewels! And to celebrate I made a collection of birthstone rings as well as some wedding sets.  These rings are sure to please even the most discriminating.  Just check out the SL Diva herself, Elizabeth Hallstrom who, in my humble opinion, has the most impeccable taste. (and not just because she's featured one of my rings in her blog.)

<::::QC Designs:::: Birthstone Ring - Ruby/Platinum

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebrate Code's HUGE opening! ...of her sim, sillies!!

This past weekend CodeBastard Redgrave bestowed upon me the great honor of co-hosting (with the radiant LadyArwen Demina) the opening party of her new sim, Rouge!! Three days later I'm still picking feathers out of my bit parts!! (don't ask).

Rouge opening party

From the very start of the event the sim was packed with gorgeous, fun, clever avies!! And I mean packed! And this crowd was ready to party!! Check out the Rouge flickr group for the incriminating shots. note: there seems to be a direct correlation between blogging frequency, creativity and the desire to party naked.

As a music fan, DJ lover, and freelance hostess/party promoter I was so excited when I saw the line-up of DJs.  The sets of DJ Azu, DJ Miss Pink, and DJ Nexeus Fatale  were all new to me and so much fun!  Digital Nation's very own DJ Digital Francis did us proud with an amazing set of funky progressive house.  And, of course, the incomparable DJ Init Hubble managed to fill the sim with electricity (be sure to check these DJ's sites for downloads including Init's set from the party.) Sadly, I was called away for a conference with my pillows, but the word on the street is that the second half of the party was just as mad and wild as the first!

Congratulations to CodeBastard on the opening of her sim! And kudos to Eshi for the creative work she did to make this unique and fantabulous sim!!

Hostess QC @ Rouge Opening Party001

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rouge Sim Opening TODAY!!!

Today is the opening party for CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim, Rouge!! I've never seen anything like this, it's truly amazing and a must visit!! 

Big Congrats to Code!! And a super mushy kissy thanks for inviting me to hostess the event! 
(trying hard to resist...must not use gesture in middle of blog ....... nooooo .......doooooon't........ HOOOOoooOOooooOOoooOOOO!!!!   *sighs* I gotta work on my self control)

Rouge will open, officially, with a Grand Opening party that will begin at 2:00 pm SLT on Saturday, July 5, 2008. Events are planned throughout the day and night so that the festivities can be attended by friends from around the globe. Hostesses for the evening will be the luminous Queen Coronet (that's me!), LadyArwen Demina and Nedalin Malle. Dress code: red, red lingerie, or nekkid!

Amazing line up of super talented DJs:
* 2PM-3PM - DJ Azufr3 
* 3PM-5PM - Digital Francis
* 5PM-7PM - Nexeus Fatale 
* 7PM-9PM - Amanda Shinji 
* 9PM-11PM - Init Hubble 
* 11PM-1AM - Eris Alexander 
* 1AM-3AM - Goodes Bade 
* 3AM-5AM - Artec Amat 
* 5AM-7AM - Nephie Eerie - Stella Errans

Redgrave is the creator of the infamous Boudoir Rouge portrait series, developer of the MachinimaCam and Dramavatar fashion line, and owner of the Code Red Lounge and Gallery.
The aesthetic design of Rouge was conceptualized by Redgrave and legendary builder, Eshi Otawara. From that point, Otawara used her skills as a builder, designer and artist to create a multi-purpose destination that will serve as the new home of the Boudoir Rouge Gallery Walk, Code Red lounge and Rouge Boutique.  CHECK OUT THIS PIC!!!!:

(Can you tell I'm known for my eloquence? And for being very very reserved?)

Due to the expected high demand, sim access for the Grand Opening celebration MAY be limited to Code Red group members. IM CodeBastard Redgrave, or one of the lovely hostesses for a group invitation.