Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Underground - It's about the music

Sometime in recent history Briddy Boucher (pronounced boo-shay) and meh-self decided that we needed to take over the world. Wait. I mean we needed a little organization to help our efforts for world domination. Wait. I mean that we had to find some way to corral the madness of what we do and bring it to the people.

It's not just about what I'm doing. Or the work that Briddy does (and yes, when she's not busy eating she does work.) It's about the people we do it with. We wanted a place to bring everyone together to join in the fun, to celebrate the inane, and to gesturbate at will.

And thus The Underground was born. The group charter of The Underground says it best:
It's about the music. We spend our days and nights enjoying good tunes with good friends. We do it where you might not expect but it always feels so good!

On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 7 p.m. we celebrate our 100th member, GW Raymaker aka Mr. 100. NOTE: It's really not so much about having 100 members but rather a great excuse to give out a sausage cart, a TRUTH gift certificate, get GW in tight shorts, and to pah-tay like it's November 26Th!! woot!!
The Underground celebrates Mr. 100, Nov 26th, 7pm
For a good time IM Queen Coronet or Bridgitte Boucher!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank you, friends!

Last night I enjoyed the great pleasure of celebrating my 2nd rezzday with an incredible group of people. Thank you Bridgitte Boucher for putting it all together.  You're a great friend and I'm blessed to have you in my lives. Thank you to all my friends that came to wish me a happy rezzday and for the fanstatic pressies you bestowed upon me.  Your presence made me feel loved and appreciated.  *smiles with warm thoughts* Thank you Snowkitty and Genki for your amazing tunes. You helped to make this a memorable night. 
If I could have one thing for my rezzday it would  be more time to get to know the people around me.  Behind the avatar you are all incredible in your own way and I'm happy you've touched my life. 

Pretty Briddy:
I have friends:
See more great piccies of the party here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Queen's Musings - from funk to funky

Yesterday I was in a funk. It wasn’t good at all. The kind of funk that makes me want to hide away on a platform and torture prims where eventually I tire of their tiny screams and venture forth to collect the weeks freebies or cruise free sex sims for a noob boyfriend. Instead I chose to relax in my melon cooler, listen to some blues and diddle with Twain. In photoshop! Geez, git your mind out of the gutter.

Ding ding!! IM came in from Genki Dreamscape: Queen, wanna come here my set? Yes, tp please. And so I trudged off to the local furry club to mope around while I listened to Genki’s beats. OK, listen….NOBODY can mope when Genki’s on the desk. (it’s a joke, just laugh and keep reading.) To fit in better I transformed into Queenie the Cabbit, she’s so cute!! We had a slow start, he played the most amazing 11 minutes of his life and no one was there to hear it cuz the darn stream wasn’t in right. NOTE: I’ve come a long way in my music learning. I know this now cuz as I was listening in I thought, “this ain’t electro. And it ain’t speed garage.” So I says to Genki, “Genki, is it in yet?”

BOOM!! There’s the tunes I was in search of!!! From the moment his sounds hit my ears things started to change. As I waited for my attachments to load I sent out a few notices and tp’d in a few people. This was something that I HAD to share. HAD to.

Remember the funk I was in? Within moments of a few friends arriving the cloud had lifted and suddenly I was again at peace with the world of SL. Old friends, new friends, happy friends, even a sad one in the midst of it all…we were there together and enjoying the moment. Privately we all giggled as our HOOOOOOOS!!! and RRUUUUUUBGAS!!! caused a stir among the security staff; Vinnie and Bella earned the UG Hot Messes of the Day Award in recognition of their out of control accessorization; and I took a little time to reconnect with a very sweet friend.

At the end of Genki’s set I grabbed dear Mr. Ribe Oh and dragged him along to CodeBastard’s Rouge shops to pick up a freebie couples pose set. (ty Codie!) I pinned Ribe down and snapped a few pics, blogged, flickr’d and plurked, picked up a new friend in the frenzy (waves to CT!!), got mooned by Veyron, AND at the end of it all ushered in my 2nd rezzday nestled between two of the mostloving peoples I know, Codie and Gabby.

And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
– The Beatles.
Thank you, everyone. I think I’m gonna be ok.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratuitous Piccy - Queens Very good bath

All baths should bring one this much pleasure, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take me to your leader (Warning - Links ahead)

My gosh, it's been forever since I've posted. Where have I been!?! Oh oh oh, I know! I've been taking the break I've needed for a long time. And what do I do when I break? I dunno. But I did manage to snap some pictures so I picked one filled with goodies to share. In my off time I like to explore SL to discover the wonderful things my fellow residents have created.

The picture above was taken at Wandering Spirits. Along with a small 50's themed urbarn grunge city the sim features Kali Mead's Neat Tricks Gallery and a really well done SL photography tutorial. (Note: The gallery is turning one and Kali is celebrating with a photo competition and music festival. Look here for more info.)

You might wonder who that cute little alien is in the picture. It's me!! If you know me well you know that I'm a whore for freebies. Some might say just a whore, but that's a different post. Thanks to Serenity Semple at Lucky Kitty Crew I was alerted to this super cute cyber bot avie available for $0L at Cyberbunker. It has a script to change the color of the suit and the glow. In addition even though it's a smaller avie my regular AO and dance animations work just fine with it. So much fun!! (see pic below for close up.)

Finally, check out the sky in the above pic, so Rouge! CodeBastard Redgrave recently released some Windlight settings for her Rouge Sim and they are available here on her blog. They were created to complement her sim, but I couldn't resist trying them out elsewhere.

One more piccy for fun: