Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stuff you NEED: Star Shutter Sunglasses

You need these:
<SI> Star Shutter Sunglasses
Star Shutter Sunglasses, created by Nuck Spyker, are available on Xstreet SL for only 25L but i dunno how long so get them now. and a pair for your friends. Check out Nuck's other stuff while you're there. He creations are unusual, and so well done. And who doesn't need a big mouth stage? really. who?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Simple Pleasures

kissyface visit's the boy's chickens
I spent the day building and it was wonderful. In the morning I was treated to a few hours of tunes from a shirtless friend. In the afternoon my swine flu suffering friend spent time discussing design challenges with me while he faded in and out of a codeine trance. Eventually it was time to say good night to all the good little prims and return to my tranquil home. I wasn't yet ready for bed so I took my T-rex, kissyface, out for a walk around the island. We visited the nighbor's chicken coops until kissyface got a little rambunctious and I had to take him home. On the way we stopped at a friend's and she gave kissyface a delicious bone. I got an ice cream. Sometimes happiness really is that simple.