Saturday, October 24, 2009

I made a FANCY Slurl! and you can too!

I made a fancy slurl for my shoppy!! And if you click here you can see the result.

YOU can do it too if you're so inclined by using the soooo easy SLURL builder. It will create a slurl that directs people to a location inworld and allows you to customize the slurl to include a title, a picture and a short message.

You'll need to have
1. The slurl information (here's a Torley post on slurls) for the location you desire
2. A URL for the picture (if you don't have one you can use a photo hosting site. i like flickr.) , and
3. A few words to include in the description. (generally you'll want to arrange them into a cohesive phrase or sentence.)

This is what the fancy slurl maker can do:
fancy slurl

And if you click this link and use the slurl in-world you can click on this:
Queen & Co. Midnight Mania Board

Or buy one of these:
teapots and a crying plant
special thanks to Mr. Gauge Laville for dangling his own fancy slurl in my face and inspiring me to seek out my own.

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