Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratuitous Piccy: Sunday Morning @ Sol's

Sunday Morning
Originally uploaded by solangedaviau

I couldn't resist sharing this picture because not only has Solange Daviau's artistry progressed amazingly in the past several months she also does it surrounded by the most gorgeous home and garden accessories from Queen & Co. (oh hey, that's my shoppy!) Make sure you check out the rest of her photo stream....umm....after the kids have gone to bed.


Anonymous said...

Her Gorgeous Mug is also now in the lobby of the new Truth Hair store. It's simply a lovely photo too. Woot woot!

Queen Coronet said...

oh yes, she's got a face for photos!!

Anonymous said...
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Hiro said...

Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarkd it.

Happy blogging!